Wednesday, September 15, 2004

You Know The Old Saying

The Neighborhood is Going Downhill

I found out a few things about some of my neighbors that live a few miles from here outside Lex KY, The Farrishes, I thought I would share with everyone. By the way the Bushes are the Farrishes gofer boys.

From Tarpley:

Before Christmas, 1988, and during other holiday periods, Bush customarily joined his billionaire crony William Stamps Farrish III at his Lazy F Ranch near Beeville, Texas, for the two men's traditional holiday quail hunt. This was the same William Stamps Farrish III whose grandfather, the president of Standard Oil of New Jersey, had financed Heinrich Himmler. William Stamps Farrish III's investment bank in Houston, W.S. Farrish & Co. had at one time managed the personal blind trust into which Bush had placed his personal investment portfolio. Farrish was rich enough to vaunt five addresses: Beeville, Texas; Lane's End Farm in the Versailles, Kentucky bluegrass; Florida, and two others. Farrish's hobby for the past several decades had been the creation of his own top-flight farm for the raising of thoroughbred horses. This was the 3,000 acre Lazy F Ranch, with its ten horse barns, four sumptuous residences, 100 employees, and other improvements. Over the years, Farrish has saddled winners in the 1972 Preakness and the 1987 Belmont Stakes, and bred 80 stakes winners over the past decade. Farrish, who is married to Sarah Sharp, the daughter of a Du Pont heiress, had worked with Bush as an aide during the 1964 senate campaign.

Farrish was rich enough to extend his largesse even to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, probably the richest individual in the world. The Queen has visited Farrish's horse farm at least four times over the past few years, travelling by Royal Air Force jetliner to the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky, accompanied by mares which Her Majesty wishes to breed with Farrish's million-dollar prize stallions. Farrish magnanimously waives the usual stud fees for the Queen, resulting in an estimated savings to Her Majesty of some $800,000. Farrish's social circle is rounded out by such plutocrats as Clarence Scharbauer, a fellow member of the horsey set who also happens to own the bank, the hotel, the radio station, oil wells, and an estimated one half of the city of Midland, Texas, the old Bush bastion in the Permian Basin.

Farrish has been described as the Bush regime's counterpart to Bebe Rebozo, Richard Nixon's sleazy crony. According to Bush, when he is watching movies, hunting, and playing tennis with his old friend Farrish, "we talk about issues. He's very up on things, but it's a comfortable thing, not probing beyond what I want to say." Michael York of the Washington Post wrote that "Farish says he'll always be one of Bush's biggest boosters, and he's ready at a moment's notice to make the resume argument in favor of Bush's being the best-prepared man ever to become president. It's also clear that Bush regularly asks Farish's advice on the budget, domestic policy, and politics." With a cabal of friends and advisers like William Stamps Farish III and Henry Kravis, we begin to comprehend the wellsprings of Bush's policies of parasitical looting of infrastructure and the work force. [fn 13]


In l941, Standard Oil of New Jersey was the largest petroleum corporation in the world. Its bank was Chase, its owners the Rockefellers. Its chairman, Walter C. Teagle, and its President, William S. Farrish, had extensive connections with the Nazi government (Higham, Trading 32-5). However, by April l7 l945 the Chase National Bank "was placed on trial in federal court on charges of having violated the Trading With the Enemy Act." (Higham, Trading 26-31).

Standard Oil also taught the Nazi German chemical company I.G. Farben how to make tetraethyl lead and add it to gasoline to make leaded gasoline. That information was priceless, since leaded gas was essential for modern mechanized warfare. One I.G. Farben memo noted Standard Oil's help in procuring $20 million worth of aviation fuel. "The fact that we actually succeeded by means of the most difficult of negotiations in buying the quantity we needed... and transporting it to Germany, was made possible only through the aid of the Standard Oil Company (emphases added)."According to a l992 article in the Village Voice, Brown Brothers Harriman was the Wall Street investment firm that arranged for a loan of tetraethyl lead to the Nazi Luftwaffe in l938. A senior managing partner of the firm was George Bush's father, Prescott Bush. (It's A Conspiracy l25-7).


At 9/17/2004 6:51 AM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Thanks the heads-up on the Tarpley site.  I was unaware of it - Very interesting reading indeed!

At 9/22/2004 7:37 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I thought you knew Mike. Sorry. A lot has come out since. The main thing has been the release of classified documents last year by the National Archives that prove not only that Prescott was Hitlers Banker and more but that he smuggled the Nazi money after the war up until 1952 to Nazis all over the world. Read the article by John Buchanan in the New Hampshire Gazette and his other works. That is the just the beginning of the story. Nixon palyed a role being a Bush man in getting the former Nazis into the Republican Party via the Ethnic Heritage Council. Check John Loftus, The Secret War Against the Jews and, Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International
by Authors: Kevin Coogan
Released: 01 November, 1999
ISBN: 1570270392

It is all extremely well documented and cannot be refuted.

At 9/22/2004 8:37 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

I was aware of the past history of the Nazi/Bush connections through the bank during WWII.  75% or more of Nazi steel production was financed by Bush & his bank, until the U.S. put a stop to them in U.S. courts for "doing business with the enemy" laws in the mid-40s during the war.  But I was unaware of the Tarpley site - - -

At 11/01/2004 8:35 PM, Blogger hermitage1 said...

I think if 25% of the country worked 1/2 as hard as William Stamps Farrish III works, we would be better off. It is easy to criticize a rich man. Mr. Farrish works harder in one day than most lazy people work in a year. He is not waiting for a handout from anyone. He is making it happen. Everyone should look to Mr. Farrish as an example of good citizenship.

At 11/01/2004 11:40 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

"Farish says he'll always be one of Bush's biggest boosters, and he's ready at a moment's notice to make the resume argument in favor of Bush's being the best-prepared man ever to become president."

He may work hard, I don't personally know him, but that above quote proves he is an idiot - on a grand scale, or an opportunistic liar at best.

". . .works harder in one day than most lazy people work in a year. . ." is a truism, and true of anyone not a lazy person.  A useless statement.

". . .Everyone should look to Mr. Farrish as an example of good citizenship." proves that you too ignore reality, or simply opportunistically lie.  You publicly supporting a person that says ". . .Bush's being the best-prepared man ever to become president. . ." is proof that goes beyond the pale of your ignorance of history, both the history of all the much better prepared presidents in American history, and Bush's own history of never having to "earn" anything in his entire life, and having had everything handed to him on a prepared silver platter, served with silver spoon firmly placed.  Bush is not a down-home Texan, he bought the ranch in Crawford in 1999.  Before that he was the way too typical northeastern drunk-rich-coke-snorting-party boy-jock, without a clue.  You do know that like Tom Delay, he was a cheerleader in college - Right?


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