Sunday, November 21, 2004

American Resistance

by Manuel Valenzuela
November 10, 2004

Valid Outrage

If you are still upset at the resounding defeat of humanity that occurred on November 2, 2004 you have every right to be.

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. On that day billions of us lost a most important battle through both the vote of the ignorant, unenlightened among us and the systemic fraudulent manipulation of electronic-voting machines which, it is becoming more and more apparent, helped steal victory, for the second time in four years, for George W. Bush and the Republican/corporatist party. The consequences on America and the world of such tragedy may inevitably set us back to the dark ages and to a meeting with a most ominous destiny.

You should be outraged that so many fellow Americans were methodically conditioned to vote against their own interests and for the benefit of the corporate world, sending the world a message of backwardness, of warmongering, of ignorance and thirst for violence. Americans of all varieties should be incensed that so many gave George Bush a thumbs-up mandate for the feeble leadership, incompetence, violence and killing of the past and the ineptitude, violence, war, division, terror, criminality that is sure to come. By voting Bush back into office we have lost all respect in the world, we have become the terrorists we fear, the war criminals we loathe and have allowed for the continued slaughter of untold thousands through the weapons of mass destruction we are so proud to manufacture.

We have given the corporatists in government the confidence that what they have done is endorsed by so many millions. We have given the neoconartists new life, their ideology fresh legs, and their delusional preemptive ideas to reshape the world continued existence. You should be ashamed at your fellow citizens, 59 million strong, for voting while living in bubbles and disconnect, for voting kidnapped by fear, bigotry and homophobia, for voting not with their brains but with their manipulated emotions.


We should be outraged as hell.

The Beast Emerges, the Enemy is Now Known


We the People are being robbed of every truth we once knew to exist, raped of the knowledge that serves to liberate and ransacked of the lives we once led. Yet in these dark days where light has vanished can reality now be seen, where the charade of what America is has given way to what it has always been. An eclipse of sun, moon and eyes now hovers over us, finally allowing us to see the silhouette of reality, of the beast that controls us, of the Evil Empire.

The America of old, that America that never existed, the fantasy we so long believed in, has given rise to the America that always was, now present for all to see, no longer ruling and controlling behind the scenes, finally coming out of dark rooms to claim unfettered power over the People.

What the world has forever seen, known and experienced can those residing inside the belly of the beast now recognize. The America of wars for profit, of economic genocides, of market colonialisms, of feudal ownership of nations, of devastating poisoning of the planet, of enslavement of peoples, of destruction of talent and opportunity, of murderous rampages, of evisceration of democracy, of insatiable appetite for resources and of addiction to consumption has risen like a blazing phoenix, becoming a reality finally made apparent through the darkness we are enveloped in.

The United Corporations of America is now visible, an Evil Empire that has plunged billions into perpetual suffering, indigence, enslavement and premature death, an empire whose true calling is to make of its citizens ignorant, unthinking sheep easily herded, efficient machines bred for perpetual production and a gluttonous plague of locusts addicted to ceaseless materialistic consumption. The time has arrived to resurrect minds made numb, lingering since birth in the abyss brought by lifelong conditioning. The time has come to escape the fictions that control our minds, breaking free from the shackles of bondage that have been placed at our appendages.


Thanks to the beast, America has been taken hostage by religious fundamentalism, ensnarling the world’s most powerful, diverse and talented nation inside the claws of religious backwardness and its conditioned ignorance. This has been done methodically and purposefully, for the beast understands that religion controls human beings, it suppresses and it manipulates, transforming human minds into conduits of obedience and exploitation. For millennia the Christian religion sequestered knowledge and innovation, free-thought and analytical thinking, keeping humanity in the abyss of primitive belief. People were prevented from seeing the world in its reality, instead depending on myths and fairy tales to explain existence.

Science was persecuted, as were those courageous enough to seek truth. Anything that proved the fallacy of religious belief or exhibited the controlling mechanisms by which the leadership ruled over the masses was destroyed, burned at the stake and banished. The People could never know the truth, for truth and reality are enemies of Christianity, as are education and knowledge. Christianity has systematically eroded and robbed humanity of education, knowledge and potential, and is why, still in the 21st century, the establishment and those who pull the levers of control seek the implementation of religious conditioning upon the less enlightened among us.

Religion is control; it is ignorance and subservience, oppressing shining stars and spawning black holes. It is acquiescence, unthinking minds and devastating exploitation; it is hereditary conditioning from which few human minds are ever able to escape. Those at the helm of religious belief hold the keys of power, of altering society and controlling minds, of regressing backwards in time and holding static the progress of humanity. This is the reason America is now the most fundamentalist nation on Earth, for to have the ability to manipulate and control those living inside the belly of the beast is to have immense power. It is to make ignorant and unenlightened tens of millions, transforming them into easily managed and exploitable entities striving for the dogma of their convictions and the sinister motives of their leaders.

Thus, corporatist America seeks the harvesting of souls for the manifestation of profits. It seeks the introduction of the Cross for the continued hegemony of the Almighty Dollar. It seeks to inhibit human thinking and progress so that it may more readily control those residing inside its bowels, transforming America into a nation of conditioned parasites, consumerist drones, exploited slaves and warmongering crusaders.


The Birth of American Resistance

The fight of our lives is upon us, for war has been declared against us. For years we have been oblivious to the lost battles and eroded rights, the vanished freedoms and kidnapped protections. For decades the beast has grown, its veins filled with greed and its eyes saturated with the green of the Almighty Dollar. Its power swells with each new day and year that passes, and still we refuse to accept that we are in a most important battle. Our nation is under siege, its people hijacked by a corporate world and a corporatist elite addicted to the smell of money and the taste of greed. If we refuse to act, this siege will continue, growing exponentially until the day arrives that we are impotent to do anything. What totalitarian regimes were to the 20th century, corporate control will be to the 21st. The question is whether we respond now or wait until we are too far behind.

The birth of American resistance is upon us. Through the re-selection of George Bush can we now see the destruction of the America we once thought existed. It is time to join ranks, marching side by side along the trumpets of solidarity and fraternity, putting aside our differences and egos for the common good. It is time for resistance, peaceful and non-violent, yet devastating and triumphant nonetheless. If 55 million of us can vote in one day, mobilizing in earnest to help eliminate a most malignant tumor, then certainly we can mobilize again and again, uniting millions, marching in our cities, demanding justice and equality, demanding the return of our nation and the banishment of tyranny.

Do not let your outrage dissipate, do not let it subside. Rather, keep it inside your body and mind, letting it gather steam and anger, for what the corporatists in power are doing to our nation is treasonous and without shame. Keep your outrage alive, for it will be a most useful tool. Mobilize, unite and act, joining in hands and minds, sending 10 million people to Washington if we have to, causing civil disobedience if we must, instituting boycotts, sit-ins, strikes, in the end trying to release the hostage called democracy and the prisoner called America.

Do not conform, do not forget and do not let time make you indifferent. Let the peace movement be reborn, let peace and love once more supercede war and violence. Let brotherhood of humanity replace division of peoples. Let love of people triumph over love of profit. Let us retire greed and love for the Almighty Dollar, embracing instead the principles of humanity, equality and justice.

We are the many and the enemy the few, and only together can we defeat this most formidable enemy. In time our ranks will swell, as more and more of those liberated and free join our side, as more and more begin to see the truth. As Iraq descends further into the abyss, as more thousands are murdered and their towns razed the peace movement will grow, our numbers will increase. It worked once, it will work again, but this time it must continue to a new understanding of governance and humanity.

If Bush and his cronies do wrong, then let us do right. If they murder, then let us give life. If they maim, then let us heal. If they increase poverty, then let us increase well-being. If they choose wealth and materialism, then let us choose communalism and humanity. Whatever they may do, we must do the opposite. If they make war, let us make peace. If they divide, then let us unite. If they destroy, let us rebuild. If they use bullets, then let us use flowers. If they hit us, then let us forgive them. Only united, in peace, through nonviolence can we achieve victory. Only by doing good can we defeat them. It is through our humanity that wretched scoundrels wither away and die. It is through love and peace that warmongers are made to lie in ruins.

American resistance must begin now. It must incorporate all the tools at our disposal. We must do all we can, from small town meetings to large city marches. Do what you can, but please do something. From musicians to poets to writers to teachers to doctors to lawyers to radio personalities to celebrities to editors to activists to professors to factory workers to high school students to government employees to secretaries to college students to managers to burger-flippers to retail store salespeople and everything in between, the movement must be massive, it must be united, and it must be strong, knowing that what we are fighting for is just, it is right and it is necessary.

Let the American resistance commence, let it alter this most horrific parallel world, let it transform and empower, and, most importantly, let it free us of the corrosive grip of corporate power and the addiction to greed and materialism it spawns. The enemy is now known, unmasked for all to see. It can be defeated, and it will, for in the end, the united hearts and minds of millions always trample over the hollow cavity of the few.

Together we will win, and together will we reclaim the nation we want and rebuild the foundations we most cherish. Together we will banish tyranny to the gates from where all demons arise. Together will we make our planet safer, healthier and more peaceful, according to the wishes of billions, not the commands of the few. Together must we march through haze and fog, through smoke and fire, for we must first taste the bitter to better enjoy the sweet.

Let the American resistance be born, let it breathe the air of life; let it grow to dimensions high and mighty, guided by our collective fight.

Manuel Valenzuela is social critic and commentator, international affairs analyst, Internet columnist and author of the novel Echoes in the Wind. A collection of essays, Beyond the Smoking Mirror: Reflections on America and Humanity, will be published in early 2005. Mr. Valenzuela welcomes comments and can be reached at A collection of many of his essays and articles can be found here: Articles by Manuel Valenzuela, 2004


At 11/22/2004 5:13 AM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Alan - This essay is so full of wordy bullshit bombast that it near impossible to realize the truths it presents.  Even though almost eveything he shines a light on is true, most wouldn't get past the fourth paragragh.

Try this Alan, as I know you are a PhD scientist, re-write his essay, taking out all of the wordy bombast, re-post it here.

At 11/22/2004 7:34 PM, Blogger betsygal said...

Number one: It's a free country the good ol' USA. If your not happy, simply purchase a gun and end yourself. Or....simply move to the Middle East and hope you don't end up in a mass grave.

Unfortunately you feel individuals who don't agree with your assessment of our free economy, and democratically elected government are idiots. Your narrow minded view make you the butt of your stupidity and prejudice.

You declare your dislike for violence even when it is used with preemption to end torture and violence of innocent people with force by volunteers trained for the purpose of protecting it's citizens and the lifestyle you enjoy. You are simply an over educated dunce without the backbone to defend yourself.

Don Bistrow, MBA, CPA
Army Ranger, 101st Airborne (Ret)

At 11/22/2004 9:07 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Mr. Bristow, I have to assume that your are not "betsygal," and that you are simply using her system.

"Unfortunately you feel individuals who don't agree with your assessment of our free economy, and democratically elected government are idiots. Your narrow minded view make you the butt of your stupidity and prejudice."

Anyone, in the face of all of the evidence of a corrupted national presidential election - The evidence of the corporatist dismantling of all of our federal regulatory safeguards against corporate abuse of the consumer, the work place, the environment, and our federal treasury - The evidence of the destruction of our once cherished Separation of the Church and State putting America on the border of becoming a regressive and repressive Theocracy, rather than a Democracy. . . Anyone that can't see, understand, comprehend, or denies the dangers of, and the existence of, these glaring realities - Is quite simply an idiot, or is actually knowingly a part of the corruption itself.

At 11/25/2004 12:19 PM, Blogger betsygal said...

To Clueless in the Keys. First off you can't spell. The last name is Bistrow, Mr. to you.

Our country was founded on Judaeo-Christian principals and our schools have educated millions in it's history. Liberals and the ACLU wish to re-write history books to reflect their opinion, prejudice and own view of what they want to force on our children. If the history books and other school books don't accurately reflect the facts, not as I or you see it, but how they reflect in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, then we all suffer the consequences to a developing Tolitarian society. To remove mention of these cherished documents from our school system and refuse open discussion is biased and narrow minded. This thinking sets a course of corruption and mind control in Orwellian principle.

Further, you have no idea of the actual facts on our Treasury, methods of economy and commerce, and the capitalistic principles of this nation. You are a socialist living in your own self-developed fear. As I said earlier, you exhort falsehoods that you cannot substantiate with material facts. You are full of incoherent bluster, hate and a very confused state of mind.

Educate yourself. Visit my blog and enjoy factual and principled reading.

Don Bistrow

At 11/25/2004 2:07 PM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

"To Clueless in the Keys. First off you can't spell. The last name is Bistrow, Mr. to you.

Our country was founded on Judaeo-Christian principals"  (BTW you misspelled Judeo)

Just a couple of questions, MR. (spit out name calling at the Michael Savage level first, then demand unearned respect next) "factual" man.  How many of the founders were Christian?

Do you consider anyone that disagrees with you in the slightest degree politically - disloyal or un-American?  e.g. maybe like a John Kerry or an old happy "clueless" hippie like me in the Keys?  Or are we just, in your superior and reality based mind, simple idiots?

Do you believe Creationism, or the more euphemistic "Intelligent Design," beliefs should be taught in our schools - as facts?

Do you feel that "America, Love It Or Leave It" should be used to determine the worthiness of any American citizen?

Do you feel it is healthier for our Democracy to be ruled by a single party - Particularly a party of the corporatists - rather than loyally opposing voices debating?

I took your advice, went to your blog, and found that you seem to answer the last four questions with an openly proud, and self-confessed superior patriotism in the positive.

You claim to be a 101st Ranger, yet you support an administration that openly supported, during war time, the cutting of combat pay, of cutting the benefits to the families of the current, and veteran troops, of cutting of funding to veterans hospitals, of cutting the death benefits to spouses and families, of sending troops into combat without simple body and vehicle armour. . .  I find that support of such flagrant "corporate" cost-cutting at the expense of the troops and their families morally offensive at best, imbecilic and criminal at the worse.  (minor note: I'm a Navy veteran)

At 11/25/2004 9:15 PM, Blogger Liberally Conservative said...

You mention "Creationism" and I never professed this should be part of a public school curriculum. I said schools should use books and teachers who teach facts about history, not sugar coat and use "politically correct" dialogue. i.e. Not discussing Slavery, not discussing the Pilgrams who were Puritanical and Christian, not discussing the original documents written by the founders of the country because "GOD" is in the documents. Should we quit using dollars because of the phrase, "We Trust In God" is on the face of legal tender.

Your statistics on poverty and joblessness et al are jibberish and more of your bluster. You don't link to any factually based web site or documentation that proves your statement. You can't prove what is false.

You complain about corporations, which are simply legal, ongoing entities operated by groups of people. The number one engine of the American economy is the small business person. The CEO of these companies typically earns less than $200,000 per year and should not have to apologize to the far left who wish to play Robin Hood with someone elses money. Someone who got off his or her ass and made something for themselves, their family and employs other people should be commended not offended by the likes of you.

My military resume was Army Rangers, 82nd Airborne Division, transferred to 101st Airborne upon reassignment. Vietnam Era. I support a strong defense, and military offensive positions. President Bush, in fact, supports a $87 Billion bill which improves the lives of military personnel, military families and increases combat related pay. THAT IS A FACT! You will find in my blog a story referencing to congressmen who do not support this bill, archived in November. I have also been part of a writing campaign to these individuals and have supported other blogs to protest their stance.

Al Gore was assigned the job of restructuring the military under Clinton. The budget was balanced through the elimination of 285,000 military jobs and the scrapping of major military projects. Our military was on food stamps in many areas under Clinton/Gore. The White House, per Hilliary Clinton objected to military staff wearing their uniform in the White House.

Get your facts in order. You simply can't carry dialogue with me. You claim to be "over educated" but you simply are narcisstic. Sir, you couldn't debate me on factual issues of government, economy, business, government, constitution and a host of many topics. You can't play ball in my arena because your unqualified.

At 11/26/2004 8:07 AM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Okay - One last response before I cut you off, because I am becoming convinced you are the typical name-caller calling your opponent a name-caller, in other words the typical Karl Rove "debate" strategy of doing everything you loudly claim I'm doing, dropping just enough "truth" without the explanation of the deeper background information that is damaging to your points, and making yourself sound superior in every way by demeaning your opponent as less than you. . . "You simply can't carry dialogue with me. . ." "You can't play ball in my arena because your unqualified. . ."

Of course you could be correct - (Note that source links follow the info below) Like your stat that the American CEOs only average $200,000/yr - When that is just their official pay.  Depending on the company, that official pay/yr is 1/5 to as little as 1/20 of their total income package from the company, and averages, in reality, (sources linked below) just over $5.3 million/yr. (2003)  You conveniently leave out the facts of the "bonus" income which typically is 3x to 7x the wage/yr, also you leave out the "stock options" packages which gives them tens of thousands of stocks worth millions of dollars, and of course you fail to let the reader also know about the "golden parachute retirement packages," a "golden parachute retirement package" is worth millions and is not a retirement package at all - It is simply another "bonus" worth millions of company dollars.

In 1960 CEO pay (total) as "a multiple of "their" workers at the company was 41 times - Typical and fair worldwide.

It stayed at those levels until 1980, when it started to climb and continued to shoot up through out all of the 80's and 90's, until in 2000 it reached 525 times!  That was when the corporate scandals of Enron and all the others hit the media and the Americans woke up to what was going on.  Meanwhile the CEO's pay of all other nations remained constantly within the fairer and saner 40x to 70x range.

Because of the scandals it dropped to 428x in 2001 and then to 281x in 2002, but is now climbing back up, in 2003 to 301x.

You either are completely in denial of these facts, or have some reason for not discussing them with your readers - Here are the links. . .

Baltimore Business Journal 

AFL-CIO's Executive Paywatch website charts website 

Business Week - April 2004 - Report on Executive Pay 

"Despite the drop in average pay, from $6.5 million to $5.3 million, executives still bring home far more than most workers ever dream of."  Houston Chronical August 2003 Report 

Business Ethics - "Boards Are Cutting CEO Pay – No, Wait, They’re Not" - July 2003 Issue 

"Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- One group seems to have totally escaped the hard economic times of the last three years: chief executive officers of major U.S. companies.

Would you believe average annual pay of $12 million a year?"
Op-ED at Bloomburg - August of this year (2004) 

That should give you a good start into your own research.

Note this Bistrow - One more blatant Limbaugh/O'Reilly like attack comment, rather than reasoned debate, and I will have no qualms in censoring your comments here in this blog.

You are welcome to debate this issues here, but simplistic agitprop is not condoned.

My point: "Your statistics on poverty and joblessness et al are jibberish and more of your bluster. You don't link to any factually based web site or documentation that proves your statement. You can't prove what is false."

Is not debate - it is agitprop.  If you actually read my blog and website you will note that almost all of the actual statistics on poverty and joblessness comes from the governments website, consevitive business journals, WSJ, etc. . .  Some of the "quotes" come from Op-Ed peices or articles that I checked their "facts" and almost all came from the same sources.

You also still didn't answer the questions, except the Creationism one, even though that answer was vauge as to whether you would allow the forced teaching of Creationism or "Intelligent Design" in our schools to our nation's children.


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