Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Power Of Nightmares

The Power of Nightmares
by BBC Documentaries, Oct 2004

If you can set aside three hours and watch this BBC documentary it will be well worth your time. This is probably one of the most remarkable and important investigations of our current times to surface. The video is of poor quality and hard to hear. I found opening it in RealPlayer in a separate window and setting the high on the EQ all the way up helps. Think of yourself being in the old Soviet Union trying to tune your shortwave to get news from the outside world. The video documents the origins and history of the NeoCon and radical Islam movements and the current myths being perpetuated by both movements. It is a real eye opener.

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At 12/19/2004 3:08 PM, Blogger Alan said...

After viewing this documentary I have been trying to find more background info on Leo Strauss. I have found he was influenced by Carl Schmitt in Germany. Apparently Schmitt had something to do with Nazi Philosophy but I haven't been able to find detailed information yet. This site provides some information.

Strauss NeoCon link

At 12/19/2004 6:29 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I have found a little info on Carl Schmitt from a reliable source. I will look for more.

Chronicle LinkNo wonder that Schmitt admired thinkers such as Machiavelli and Hobbes, who treated politics without illusions. Leaders inspired by them, in no way in thrall to the individualism of liberal thought, are willing to recognize that sometimes politics involves the sacrifice of life. They are better at fighting wars than liberals because they dispense with such notions as the common good or the interests of all humanity. ("Humanity," Schmitt wrote in a typically terse formulation that is brilliant if you admire it and chilling if you do not, "cannot wage war because it has no enemy.") Conservatives are not bothered by injustice because they recognize that politics means maximizing your side's advantages, not giving them away. If unity can be achieved only by repressing dissent, even at risk of violating the rule of law, that is how conservatives will achieve it.

In short, the most important lesson Schmitt teaches is that the differences between liberals and conservatives are not just over the policies they advocate but also over the meaning of politics itself. Schmitt's German version of conservatism, which shared so much with Nazism, has no direct links with American thought. Yet residues of his ideas can nonetheless be detected in the ways in which conservatives today fight for their objectives.

At 12/20/2004 9:11 AM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

Alan - That Chronicle article is the most concise historical article concerning current political happenings here in America I have ever read.  I didn't know about Carl Schmitt's influence historically.  Kudos Alan - Kudos.


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