Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pulling the Plug on Science

Pulling the plug on Science
By Peter N. Spotts | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor April 14, 2005 edition

These days, however, pride of accomplishment is mingling with angst as Washington contemplates research cuts on everything from space weather to high-energy physics.  The concern? The United States unwittingly may be positioning itself for a long, steady decline in basic research - a key engine for economic growth - at a time when competitors from Europe and Asia are hot on America's heels.


Besides government funded science is just another form of social welfare.  Plus they promote, teach, and write about that heretical evolution and to top it off they want to keep studying the evolution of the universie with that damned Hubble telescope.  We know the universe is only 4000 years old. We need men on Mars and Star Wars.  Let the corporations do research in China, since we spent all those tax dollars over the last thirty years educating all their scientists and engineers.  We might as well get some return on the taxpayers investment.


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