Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oceans Of Abundance?

You've “Allowed” The Abundant Seas To Be Emptied & Contaminated.
by The Old Hippie So That You Can No Longer Claim Ignorance Of This Undeniable Reality.


The ugly, and so far denied, reality of the coming die-offs from the “allowed” destruction of multiple levels of the planets environments by the corporatists' efforts for extreme profits, (which are undeniably supported, and protected by the current criminal-uber-profiteering administration,) beyond the point of the “allowed” deaths of humans, animals, and environments, is the reality we are all already facing.  The (purposeful?) resource wars have begun.  Energy we all know about, but seafood, land-food, water, and the over-all environmental resource wars are all still “unknown” to the great majority of the masses.

This posting is centered on just one of them - The no-longer-abundant seas and oceans.  In the coming days I will provided postings on the other areas.  I provide my usual links-of-proof, (many new, some from earlier postings,) “Below The Fold.”  Please - Read them, absorb the words’ implications, and realities, for not just yours, but everyone's futures - Do anything and everything you can do to stop them - Otherwise, I sincerely believe that it is not hyperbole or bombast to say that “doom & gloom” just won't adequately cover our shared futures.

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Stephanie McMillan - Minimum Security

The Links of Proof:  [ -If you can, please spread these links to others - Thank you- ]

“Still Waters - The Global Fish Crisis”
    by National Geographic, April 2007 Issue

“Loss of Coral May Cause Food Supply Crisis”
    Steve Connor, Science Editor, The Independent/UK, via, 4/4/07

“Climate And Ocean Scientists Put Under New Speech Restraints”
    by PEER (Public Employs for Environmental Responsibility) 4/3/07

“150 ‘Dead Zones’ Counted in Oceans”
    by MSNBC 3/29/07

Oceans: Habitat Destruction - Coral Reefs
    by NCPA (National Center for Policy Analysis)

Where You Can Buy Seafood In Your Country To Support Sustainable Oceans
    by The Marine Stewardship Council

Connecting The Dots
    by The Students For The Earth Blog

Stephanie McMillan - Minimum Security


At 4/30/2007 3:11 AM, Blogger shannon said...

aloha from hawaii!
it will make your hair stand on end!

At 4/30/2007 4:48 AM, Blogger The Old Hippie said...

shannon: I did, and it did.

Thank you for the scary info.

At 4/30/2007 11:58 AM, Blogger Carl said...


Very important story you have here.

One organization, REEF, surveys, well, coral reefs, in an effort to ascertain the population changes and where these are occuring. They have a wealth of data already.

At 5/03/2007 3:57 PM, Blogger Sunshine said...

eya bud,

an ol commercial fisherman/researcher here.

ya the facts are scary, but i think a real look at intent is neccesary. as far as i can tell, after looking at this specific issue for 27 years, this is being done on purpose.

"they" use greed like a tool.

this'll be getting down to the nitty gritty pretty soon. stay tuned for developments, revolting and otherwise.

happy trails.

At 10/20/2007 12:35 PM, Blogger Happy Hippy said...

Great Information ...Thanks for making people aware!

At 9/26/2009 7:16 PM, Blogger Carol said...

What you are saying is very true. I am reminded of the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Fortunately, for this planet, there is a deeper truth which requires understanding where we stand in time. This world is very very old and decrepit and it's falling apart at the seams. It's false to think that the world is improving. The world is always degenerating and the cause of it is the law of entropy, starting with the human soul. Souls have lost consciousness, that is, lost awareness of themselves. Souls believe that they are bodies. Not a single one of us is above this pattern of losing awareness. Our true identity is a tiny point of spiritual energy dwelling within the body, between the eyes between the thalamus and hypothalamus gland. We are eternal, immortal, peaceful, powerful and pure energy, but we've lost that awareness. As we have lost our power, so has nature, thus, your article. The soul is the one that influences nature.

Take care,
Love and peace,


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