Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Make No Apology. . .

I Really Wish We Had Been Wrong About What Was Going To Happen.
by The Old Hippie Because All That The Reality-Based Feared, And warned About, Has Happened.

No fancy formatting, or videos, or cute biting cartoons. . .  just an unapologetic rant. . .

Long before my birth, and all the way up to, and including the election/selection debacle of 2000, the reality-based-sane never stopped trying to warn of the vulnerability to our democracy by the insane corruption of, and possible destruction by, corporatists, and their purposeful greed through their military-industrial-extractive-energy-pharmaceutical-agchem corporations' take-over of our government.  These warnings intensified during the presidential campaign of 1998-2000.

We, (who refer to ourselves as the reality-based-sane,) naively believed in November of 2000, that sanity prevailed in that election, but we hadn't taken into account the real possibility that the (Federal level) United States Supreme Court would be allowed to flagrantly break our nation's laws, and over-rule (a state level) Florida Supreme Court's election ruling, to “select” the un-elected candidate.  But they did.

The selected administration immediately cleaned out our treasury's surplus, began replacing all of our federal regulatory agencies upper and middle management personnel with their corporate ex-CEOs and lobbyists, (that had for decades been fighting our regulatory agencies for their corporations,) and re-writing the regulatory laws to benefit and protect them, and their profits, from all the rest of us.  At first they found it difficult to push their agenda, that is until the convenient crimes of 9/11/2001 - Which provided them cover, and “legitimate” misdirection of what they were really doing - The historically unprecedented theft and shift of our nation's wealth into their very few hands, and the restructuring our government's laws and regulations to protect them from being stopped by us.

This past mid-term election gives hope - But - They are still in power, unstopped.  The theft and wealth-shift continues to this day.  The environmental destruction wrought from their abuses has, in many areas, progressed beyond the hope of repair.  Much of that can only be mitigated now.  The political destabilization caused by their purposeful corruption and greed, is also gone beyond the tipping point in much of the mid-east, and Muslim peoples.  But, unlike the physical environment, political damages can be repaired - But - The political damage they have caused, (are still causing,) might explode in our collective faces before those repairs can be made.

It's a simple reality people - Until they are stopped - it will get worse.

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Every single thing, we in the reality-based-sane citizenry warned about, tirelessly exposed, and finally even ranted/screamed about, concerning these corrupt political criminals during these last six years, has proven true.

Finally, (not to beat a dead horse truism,) until they are stopped - it will get worse.


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