Tuesday, February 20, 2007

“America” Is Gone. . .

It Could've Only Been Destroyed From Within, And It Has Happened. . .
by The Old Hippie, Because We All, We American “Citizens,” Have Allowed It To Happen.


We are all guilty.  Even we in the infamous “reality-based” American citizenry didn't do enough to stop the growth of the only possibility of the destruction of “our” American Constitutional Democracy, the allowed destruction from within.  As it was predicted, and feared, by the Founders of this once great nation.  We allowed it by allowing the opportunistic coming together of mainly three groups' agendas; The greed of the corporatists - The blind insanity of the theocratic fundamentalists - And the impossible delusions of an all powerful Pax Americana (militaristic) Empire of the neo-cons.

Oh yes, “America” still exist, and the illusion that the Constitutional Democracy, the “liberty and justice for all,” the government of, by, and for the people, might still exist... This persistent illusion has itself become a tool for the most powerful of the three groups, the corporatists thieves that have been allowed, quite successfully, to transfer the entire wealth of this nation, and then some, to their few.

I consider the corporatists the most powerful, not just because of their allowed successful theft of America's wealth, but also because they also successfully, and efficiently, were allowed to replace all of “our” governmental regulatory, and social safety-net, agencies with their own ex-CEOs, lobbyists, lawyers, and sycophants, plus with their historically unprecedented control of America's wealth, they were allowed to re-structure, with their elected representatives, not ours, all three branches, congressional, executive, and judicial, of America's government.

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After the 2002 mid-term elections, and especially when America “re-elected” this administration in 2004, I lost almost all of my optimism - I was simply dumbfounded that my nation would allow what was obviously a 2nd openly corrupted national election to be accepted, after allowing an illegal aggressive war on a nation that had not attacked, and was of absolutely no threat to us whatsoever, after allowing the guilty to go completely unpunished when the lies were exposed, and the new lies about the original lies were also exposed, to all Americans... after the exposure of the take-over of all of “our” governmental agencies by the corporatists was exposed and allowed to be left uncorrected and unpunished, after the openly and sneeringly arrogant corruption of the ruling party was exposed, after the illegal cover up of the realities of global warming and other environmental sciences' realities that conflicted with their profits-over-everything-else was allowed to remain uncorrected and unpunished, after the exposure that the military-industrial-corporations, the energy/extractive corporations, the ag-chem corporations, the pharmaceutical, et al, corporations actually do share many members of their boards of directors with the boards of all of the six mainstream corporate media corporations, that also cross-share board members and control almost all of “our” informational media, the so-called fourth branch of “our” government, and that all of these corporations have been allowed to remain uncorrected, after the obvious theft by war-profiteering was fully exposed, and proven to lead all the way up through this criminal administration to the even the president's family, has been allowed to remain unpunished, and that impeachment may be allowed to not even be possible. . .  All of that, and so much more that has also become exposed reality of late - All of it to this very hour still allowed to be uncorrected and unpunished. . .  “Dumbfounded” just doesn't cover it anymore.  Really frustratingly angry might come closer.

But then the mid-term elections of 2006 happened - An unexpected correction.  My optimism soared!  But here it is, February 20, 2007, 3½ months past that election, and all of it is still being allowed to continue to go on...  uncorrected and unpunished.  It was not enemies from without that did this to us - It was the allowing of our enemies from within - We, all of us, did allow this to happen ourselves, and to the undeserving rest of the planet.

To be quite honest, I believe they, the rest of the planet's citizens, have every right to do all that they can to stop, to correct, and to rationally punish, what we Americans have allowed our, now obvious to even ourselves, arrogantly corrupt, illegal, and deadly government to inflict upon them.

Does this mean I've given up on the possibility of saving my “America” from these criminals?  No.  But I am no longer naive.  I know the American government's constitutional democracy's systems have been broken in many bad, maybe irreparable, ways.  But I also know that bad political opportunistic conspiracies can be defeated in many historically proven ways - I will continue to fight them, as long as I am “allowed” to - And I think quite realistically, if the corporatists' aren't stopped, not just in this nation, but worldwide, then this planet's human soul is doomed.


At 8/10/2009 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too, lost all faith in what was once "my" country. I have yet to regain it, and have zero faith in my fellow citizens to even begin to comprehend the gravity of what has been done. Sadly, I no longer care.
My outrage has been burned away and replaced by despairing stubbornness,
merely the will to survive now exists for me. I can only wait for it all to burn, and save my energy and feeble hope for what may rise from the ashes.

At 7/14/2010 7:05 AM, Blogger EditNetwork said...

I'm tempted to give up on waking anyone up, but I'm too mad to stop trying. Just discovered the first book by NOMI PRINS ("Other People's Money -- The Corporate Mugging of America") and looking forward to her others.

What I try to do is post excerpts from stuff like this on Facebook and challenge friends to share it more widely. Of course, we all are part of the less than 50 percent who read at above an eighth grade level, so we're smug elitists who don't snuggle with our guns.

Even more than the anti-constitutional vandalism that seems to continue under the new Democrat administration, what gets me riled every single day is the continued killing of the planet. If you don't know know the great two-volume book "Endgame" by Derrick Jensen, please allow me to recommend it. If that sounds too massive, try Jensen's "What We Leave Behind" or Jensen and Geo. Draffan, "Strangely Like War: The Global Assault on Forests."

Peace, and thank you for not giving up, justifiably cynical as you (and I) are.


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