Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's The Issues, Stupid. . .

Gay marriage, celebrity trials, Michael Jackson, free speech zones,
family & administration backed lying political ads, a corporately
controlled corrupt media, the left wing media conspiracy, the vast
right wing conspiracy, protests equated to terrorism, loyalty oaths
to see your president at a public event, State Police intimidating
elderly black people who help get voters to the polls in Florida, old
terror intelligence presented as stark new info for the single purpose
to increase fear in the masses, and every other diversion that can be
produced to divert attention from the issues of import.

They will continue to continue doing it all - As along as it continues
to work for them, as long as Americans continue to allow them to do
it, as they are continuing to do it at this very minute.

Only 2 months to go.

What are the issues of import?

The largest deficit in American history.

Tax breaks for the few wealthy, during a "war time" bad economy.

Job losses at a level not seen in our history.

Jobs moved to other countries propagandized as "good" for America.

Health care as a right, not as a privilege.

Corporate cronys' controlling our federal regulatory agencies.

Corrupt corporate influence of our government.

Corporations with a proven record of corruption and crimes, with
off shore tax shelters, that do not pay any taxes into the American
treasury, given huge federal contracts.

A completely proven corruption of the American voting system by
proven corrupt corporations, and un-punished and un-corrected
2002 mid-term elections by said systems. (Proof? See this link.)

The, so far, successful ideological destruction of our cherished
Separation of Church and State.

The transfer of war powers from the congressional branch to the
executive branch of our government.

The Patriot Acts (both) destruction of American civil liberties.

A foreign policy of attack-first-question-never as policy, rather
than sane rational diplomacy.

The ongoing conflicts of interests between government leaders,
and the corporations that financially support them.

The "fuck-the-people" massive destruction of all environmental
laws, for the purpose of "profits and power" to the corporations,
and for no other reason.

These, and more, are the real issues of import, not the divisive
propagandized fake issues you are reading and seeing in the
American corporately controlled media.

People are dying, at levels not realized on this planet before in
its history.  Torture, genocide, and environmental destruction,
is happening right now as I write this, at an incomprehensible
level for any sane or rational person to absorb.

You and I both know it is true.  It has to be stopped.

Only 2 months before the single most important election in, not
only Americas history, but the entire planet's history.

Make sure your vote is counted correctly November 2nd.

Hang around the polls that day, be a witness to anything weird,
help other people to get there, spend a single day out of your
"busy" life to help Democracy remain, and thrive, in the face of
a determined, and criminally corrupt, corporate government.


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