Saturday, October 23, 2004

Wake The Fuck Up!  (#2)

To Those Americans Still In Denial. . .
by The Old Hippie, Because It's Driving Me Crazy.

What More Will It Take To Prove It To You?

Every single "bad thing" happening within our national body politic, points directly to dangerously radical insane born-again Evangelicals, and dangerously radical Neo-Con zealots, that refer to themselves as "Republicans," (Whom are in reality not the true loyal-opposition Republicans at all.)  Every single one.  Here's the list, research any of them yourself, if you are still in denial about any of them I list here. . .

 1.  Every single reported, and/or alleged "dirty trick" to suppress voters, all across the
      nation, points directly to the them.

 2.  Every single "bad for the environment, good for business" law change, or regulatory
      change, points directly to them.

 3.  Every single "wedge issue" created, to divert your attention from the issues of true
      importance, almost all of which are religiously, and ideologically based creations, with
      opportunistic neo-con corporatist supported propaganda, (i.e. Gay marriage, abortion,
      faith-based government policy changes in social programs, education, the integrity of
      governmental science programs and science education, etc.,) points directly to them.

 4.  Every single "reason and/or justification" for this war in Iraq, that has been definitively
      proven to be a lie - misrepresentation - mistake, points directly to them.

 5.  Every single bad and/or wrong economic decision, economic law change, economic
      tax code change, that has taken our federal treasury from a record surplus, to a record
      deficit, and every single piece of propaganda reporting that this is a good thing for our
      American economy, points directly to them.

 6.  Every single suppression of civil rights, freedom of speech, the creation of the so-called
      "free-speech-zones," suppression of the Freedom of Information Act, the creation of
      the Patriot Acts, having to sign "loyalty oaths" to be able to attend a public speech by
      the president, the invasion of private medical records, forcing librarians et al to expose
      private individuals records - to government agents without any notice - without court
      review - without checks and balances on the abuse of those records, not to mention
      the secret infiltration of social and political and labor groups without a court reviewed
      "just cause," all of it - points directly to them.

 7.  Every single suppression and/or decrease of benefits, and income, to the troops, and
      their families, plus the proven inability and/or outright refusal to give them the supplies
      and protection they need, and are dieing from because of these decisions, and let's not
      forget the corporate privatization of the feeding and housing them in the field, proven to
      be an economic boon for the corporations, (i.e. Halliburton, et al,) but a disaster for the
      troops themselves, to the point that families back home are having to "supply" them,
      again points directly to them.

This is just a partial list - You whom are in denial, like those of us whom are more able to grasp, and deal with the reality, know that it - and much more is true.  Your denial is a real and present danger to our way of life, to our democracy.  Your denial, and the manufactured ill-place fears you have, are much more dangerous to our nation than any conceived, or even any real threat from the "terrorists" out there.  So. . .

Please - Wake the fuck up - Before it is too late for us all.

"President who had 9-11 happen on his watch warns against electing Kerry
because something like 9-11 might happen on Kerry's watch."

-- From: P.O.A.C.

Think about it.


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