Monday, October 10, 2005

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"Sound" & "Junk" Science Decreases Knowledge -But- Increases Profits
by The Old Hippies Because This Decreased Knowledge Is Beyond Dangerous To All Of Us

SCI·ENCE - Latin scientia or knowledge, from scins, scient- pr.p. of scre, to know

There isn't "sound" knowledge, or "junk" knowledge, there is either knowledge, or the lack of knowledge.  A lack of knowledge is the hallmark of ignorance, which is not the same as stupidity, which is defined by a lack of intelligence or care - whereas ignorance is only marked by a lack of knowledge.  i.e. "ignorance is curable, stupidity is forever."

Sound & junk science are Orwellian terms created for the sole purpose of decreasing over-all knowledge within the masses to increase the profits of the few, at the expense of the many.  By profits, I don't mean just wealth, even though that is a large part of it, but also the opportunistic profits of power, and the justification of ideologies over the rationality of knowledge, and the dangerous stupidity of denial. . .

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It isn't a grand conspiracy, as much as an evolved and manipulated opportunistic coming together of insane greed corporatists and fringe ideological fundementalists, as has happened many times in the history of this planet.  But this time, here in America, it is much more dangerous, because it has been allowed to be enhanced by convinced neo-cons that are lost within their visions of uber-Pax Americana empire, to prosper, and grow into an actual enhanced conspiracy-of-opportunity, that has, not only abused, but truly taken-over the structures of our Constitutional Democracy.  i.e. "The stupidity of the allowed ignorance is destroying us."

And just one of the ways it is being purposely and opportunistically accomplished is by the "The War On Science," by the criminally opportunistic, the ignorant innocents, and the insane ideologists, many of which call themselves "Republicans," which in my mind is an insult to the true reality-based knowledgeably rational Republicans, who just recently have begun to make their voices heard also.

The best investigation into this "war on science" I've found so far can be found at This Link

AlterNet also has an excellent interview with Chris Mooney, the author - Linked Here
[ see "Multimedia Options" (upper-right box) - I listened - It's worth the time ]

AlterNet also has allowed Mr. Mooney to present an excerpt of his book - Linked Here


At 10/10/2005 1:46 PM, Blogger JD Allen said...

Well, shit. That ain't no fair. Taking more time to make a better post. What the hell kind of hippie are ya, anyhow? That ain't cool.

Mine are all just kinda thrown down there like Moses' staff. Sometimes they turn into cobras, sometimes garter snakes.


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