Friday, January 20, 2006

They've Already Won. . .

The 2006 & 2008 Elections Are Over, But Americans Still Don't Believe It
by The Old Hippie Because It Is Not Conspiracy Theory - It Is Conspiracy Fact.

There is no other way to express it - We Americans deserve what's coming.

As Chris Floyd pointed out in his "Loot The Vote"  (and I quote. . .)

"This is no "conspiracy theory" stitched together from anonymous sources, strained inferences and dark innuendo, but a solid case based on official records, sworn testimony, eyewitness accounts, news reports – and the Bushists' own words."

In other words - Conspiracy fact, not theory.

Even though the MSM has not, (and is still not,) reporting the facts, and even using their media's power to misdirect, misinform, and plant doubt, of the reality of the stolen 2002 and 2004 elections, (now proven on the public record, proven multiple times,) by the use of, corporately controlled and corrupted voting machines, programmed by convicted felons at Diebold and ES&S, (both companies owned by the same family,) and of all of the republican "dirty election tricks," which have all been proven on the public record - - - Even with all of that - - - Americans are STILL allowing the increasing use of the machines for the upcoming 2006 and 2008 elections - - - And STILL have done nothing about the proven crimes of the 2002 and 2004 elections - - -

Add in the proven facts of this administration's lying America in the Iraq War - The open, (and sneering,) support of the corrupted corporations' take-over, and corruption of all of America's federal regulatory agencies - The purposeful destruction of the Separation of Powers, (add in Alito's, [a proven bigot, and supporter of "unitary executive power" over the other two branches-without checks and balances,] coming "allowed" confirmation) - The insane, but purposeful, destruction of the Separation of the Church and State - Not to mention the illegal spying on massive numbers of Americans - Letting thousands die in the Gulf States after Katrina - Oh yeah, let's not forget that they forced the American "official policy" that it is "okay" to torture human beings - That Bush can lock up Americans as "enemy combatants" on only his word, without any proof, without habeas corpus, without being allowed to confront accusers in a court, without being allowed contact with family, or even a lawyer - indefinitely. . .

Add in the well proven, and publicly exposed, facts of their fighting, and purposefully hampering, any investigation of the 9/11 events - The now fully exposed cronyism - The obvious tax-cuts for the rich, during war no less - The open support of corporations' profits over the needs of us citizens - The rape of our national treasury - The destruction of over 400 environmental regulations - The proven corruption and censorship of reality-based science to favor insane corporate profits over the protection of us citizens - And so much more. . .  All this - Proven - Publicly.

All Americans are now aware of it all, even with the spin/lies/propaganda by the culprits, and the MSM, and all of their sycophants - Almost all Americans know it is all fact - and not conspiracy theory, but yet. . .

"They" are still allowed to remain in power and in control to this day.

Yes - We all deserve what is coming.  Because we are still "allowing" all of it to get worse.  We are witnessing our once great Constitutional Democracy "destroyed from within," and we are "allowing" it without any real revolt, or any real punishment - - So far.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Reality is a bitch, isn't it?

The saddest facts are:  Even if we revolted now. . .  Even if we punished all of them now. . .  Even we put a magical instant stop to the environmental damage. . .  Almost all of the "already done" damage has now been proven to be irreversible.


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