Friday, July 14, 2006

It Seems. . .

The Seams Are Beginning To Rip, Maybe Soon To Burst. . .
by The Old Hippie, Because The Insanity Of The Continued "Allowing" Is Being Realized.

A new AP poll shows that even 1/4 of republicans want the thugs ousted.  The Middle East in an expanding explosive war between Israel and Hezbollah.  Along with Palestinians pouring across the borders from the surrounding countries to "join up," and more and more rockets being launched across the border, by both sides, and so many innocents being killed on both sides.  Now

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}
 add in the reports of stressed induced insanity spreading among our own troops in Iraq, raping and openly murdering innocents, caught in the middle of a civil war that our illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq caused.  Add into this mix, the fact that, finally, most Americans are waking up to the reality that the world's nations, including all of our allies, are seeing us as an extremely dangerous war-mongering, corporate profits over even life, imperial bully of the worst kind, run by a criminally insane group of ideologues, bent on world domination.  And to top off all of this doom and gloom?  Now proven beyond the pale to even the least rational of America's denialists, global warming is not only real, its effects, because of global dimming, are now known to be no less than 10 times worse than it was predicted just a few years ago. . .

And guess, as it turns out, just who is really happy about all of these events?  The truly insane right-winged so-called Christians who "know" that "The Rapture" it will happen, or "believe" that it will happen within their lifetime.  [ By the way, for those of you haven't bothered to notice - Those "believers" make up nearly 44% of our nation's electorate. ]  They are, right now, celebrating these events - Check it out - From their own mouths. . .  Linked Here.

Keep in mind - We knew private corporations, run by two arrogant "Bush Pioneers," - two brothers heading both corporations, had "opportunistic" control of "our" voting computers - without any "checks and balances" on their manipulations - and we knew these same corporations had 23 convicted felons in positions of management, and software control, of the programs that control the "count," without any traceable paper trail.  We knew it, and allowed it to happen anyway.  And even more mind-boggling, is we are still "allowing" them, these proven corrupted machines, to be used in the upcoming national elections.

And Now. . . ?  The voting machines have spread even further in the states.  We know that they corrupted all of the last three national elections, (2000, 2002, and 2004.) - But yet - Even in the face of all the expose facts of criminal corruptions - We continue to "allow" their use?!?  Seriously - What part of the "allowing" do you just not understand?

Are we, as a nation, insane?  Or simply stupid???

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My only question is - - -

How much more destruction and death will it take, to stop the allowing?


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