Monday, February 12, 2007

You're Going To. . .

You Are Going To “Allow” Them To Do It All - Again - In Iran!
by The Old Hippie, Because The Same MO Is Already Happening, And You’re Allowing It - Again!


A little over two months ago I wrote...  “I really thought they had won, as I'm sure they also thought so too.  I had begun to believe they had been allowed to accomplished enough damage to successfully convert America into - “something” - other than the America we learned about in our civics classes.  That “something” has many realities, all of which are terrifying; an out of control Corporatist carnivore, an oppressive Theocratic-Corporatist opportunist, the neocon's Pax Americana Empire wetdream, a combination of all of the above...  But what it all boils down to is, even though they lost this past election, ... they did successfully complete the largest theft in all of written history.

We're not talking millions, or even billions...  We're talking about the reality of trillions of dollars.  So, in that sense, they did win, (actually, we in our collective stupidity, allowed it.)  Even though we may have got our government back - We'll never get even a fraction of the money back.”

Quite simply, when I wrote that, I was wrong.  We didn't get “our” government back at all.

Doubt it?  Then read more “Below The Fold,” then follow the provided links of proof:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

We, US, You - - Blew it big time.  They are knowingly sneering at all of our “protests,” at our unending outrage of their successful lies, and theft, and torture, and deaths that have kept their war-profits rolling in, at our inability to stop “allowing” them their continued spreading of fears and wars to keep their unprecedented war profits pouring into their pockets-of-the-few.

By their actions toward Iran - Ignoring the will of the large majority of us, the American citizens, and the large majority of our alliess' citizens, and with the help of “our” congressional representatives, that are suppose to represent the Us, simply by their non-action are doing nothing real to stop them,  By the hiding of reality by their corporatists' controlled media.  By their sycophants, the “talking-heads,” whose future employment is dependent on them remaining in power.  By the ongoing corporatists' take-over-control of our American Constitutional Democracy, by digging deeper, and clutching tighter, to every part of “our” governmental structures.

By the obviousness of all that has been exposed - They have proven that they really do believe that you, us, “we will allow them” - again - their continued deadly theft, this time in Iran.

They just may be right.

They are proven to be murderous corporatist thieves that by every no-bid-contract, by every signing statement, by every decision, by every action, by their ceaseless slapping-you-in-the-face with the reality of their theft, by their complete ignoring of the will of the people, the congress, and our allies. . .  and you are going to do nothing to stop them - You are going to allow them their war in Iran - Aren't you?

The Links of Proof:

For Neocons, an Attack on Iran Has Been a Six-Year Project

The Media Escalates its Lies about Iran

Cheney Aide Says 2007 Attack on Iran is Real Possibility

“Despite Denials, Pentagon Plans for Possible Attack on Nuclear Sites are Well Advanced”

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A Third Aircraft Carrier “will likely” Deploy to the Persian Gulf

A Budget for Permanent War

Addicted to War

Churchill Quote


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