Monday, April 09, 2007

Finally. . .

I Think Americans Are Slowly Accepting That This Administration Will...

Sacrifice any life, destroy any environment, and do away with even our Constitutional Democracy, for their very few to have/obtain/get/steal historically unprecedented maximized short-term uber profits.  And that they are willing to tell any lie, to do any insanity, even to the point of supporting the continuation of, and/or the worsening of, worldwide terrorism just to simply secure that those short-term uber profits will keep rolling in, no matter what level of damage and/or destruction is done to the rest of us.  To them, nothing else matters at all, and I think that American citizens are finally coming to grips with this reality, now all too obvious to more and more of us every day.

by The Old Hippie Because, For The Rest Of Us, Only Stopping Them Matters Now.

If you don't see this reality by now, Then you really haven't been paying attention.

[ A Keith Olbermann “Special Comment” Video Is Below The Fold. . . ]

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[ A Typical YouTube Video - You Know What To Do ]


At 4/10/2007 6:57 AM, Anonymous expatbrian said...

The problem is not that Americans don't recognize it. The problem is that they are so immune to this type of thing because it has become so common...after a couple of days a new scandal takes over the front page and the old one is forgotten, and because there are so many different angles and opinions..propaganda and outright lies that it becomes just a confused mass of disinformation, and because the government has succeeded in frightening the people to the point where they really believe that Osama/Saddam/Sadr/etc are going to be marching into their town to bomb and terrorize and kill and steal babies and rape mothers.

I gave up violence a long time ago but if something quick and decisive happened to Bush and Cheney, Nancy Pelosi would become president. It would have to be better.

At 4/23/2007 4:21 PM, Blogger W.Pat said...

Great blog man. I'm an old hippy too. Yup, the polititions really do suck the life right out of us commoners. Really pisses me off.



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