Sunday, May 27, 2007

Do You?

Do You Think They Care What You Think, or are Worried that You Might Actually “Do Something” that Might Actually Stop Them?
Do You?  Really?!?  They Know You Better than You Know Yourselves.

by The Old Hippie Because The “Allowing” Hasn't Even Diminished, Much Less been Stopped.

Even when smacked in the face with a mandate vote, a demand, the “opposition” Democrats bowed down and kissed their feet.  Their sneers got bigger.  Their sycophants even louder.  Their pockets fuller--with your money.  More of your children died.  And you did nothing - Nothing.

You don't even seem to care that they do not care that we care.  Ben Franklin was right - You do not deserve freedom nor security.  But we who have fought them from the beginning do, and we will continue to fight them, until you allow them to stop us.  You don't even seem to care that they do not care that we care.  Oh BTW, just so you don't misunderstand me - Fuck you.  Seriously - Fuck you.  Now, be a good citizen, and go watch television, or consume something.

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At 5/28/2007 7:24 AM, Anonymous expatbrian said...

A-fucking-men. This is the third blog I have seen this sentiment on (the others being mine and impolitic.) FINALLY, and I admire who who share this sentiment and I am sure that you know, as do I, that sharing it will still do no good at all. Reading it and thinking about it might take time away from American Idol.

At 6/02/2007 2:47 AM, Blogger Annie said...

Don't forget to consume way more food than we need and get HUGE!! Big fat slow and stupid - USA! USA! We're #1!


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