Friday, January 04, 2008


About Time “Something Real Is Happening” Appeared.
by The American Democratic Voters, January 4, 2007

Hillary “status quo” Clinton’s 3rd place, 9 point, loss in Iowa is the first sign of hope I’ve seen in months.  I admit I’d rather it had been anti-corporatist Edwards, instead of the still-too-close-to-monied-interest Obama that won today, but I am very encouraged by the surprising turn-out of Edwards and Obama voters, and the statement of awareness they made with their votes.

Their collective voice, heard loud and clear across the conciseness of America... can not, and will not, be ignored, even by the corporatists’ controllers of the mainstream media.  It is too strong of an indication of an awakening-awareness that there just may be a light at the end of the tunnel of these past seven dark years.  It’s a start...  But only a start.

At least it is a beginning to a possible ending of the purposeful destruction of our Constitutional Democracy by this criminal plutocratic faux-theocratic corporatist administration, that has been allowed to be so sneeringly successful these past seven years.  It is a given that they will do all they can to stop this possible hope of possible awakening that is dangerous to their destructive profiteering - They are not stupid, and not without considerable power, and if pushed... will become even more insanely dangerous than they have already proven to be.

I think these next 10 months are not only going to be interesting, but also very dangerous... If this first sign of true awakening awareness of a possible ending of their control continues to expand beyond today.

Note also, Huckabee, a born-again whack job, won on the republican side - Not who “they,” the real powers behind the political facade, wanted to win.  The real GOP controllers have got to be freaking out - and when they get freaked out, scared, desperate... they, like any trapped/cornered vicious animal, become much more dangerous than when they believe they are in control of the masses.

It would not be hyperbole to say that to doubt their sociopathic ability to pathologically react to their fear of loss of control... would be stupidity beyond comprehension.  - - -  Yes, the next 10 months are going to be interesting.

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