Friday, August 08, 2008

This Is Also Your Truth...

Just Your Current Situation via Reality-Based Information...
by The Old Hippie Because You Keep “Allowing,” And Nothing else.

Read   -  “If We Drill in the U.S., We Don't Get the Oil
      Oil from offshore drilling will belong to multinational corporations - not us.

  -  “The Scorpion, the Frog, and the Corporation”
      Two Cheers for Capitalism.  Thank God for Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and
      Bill Gates, and the millions of others who have immeasurably improved our lives.

      But I withhold that third cheer as I view with foreboding, the dangers of
      capitalism and corporatism unconstrained and running wild.

“It’s Like These Guys Take Pride in Being Ignorant”

For nearly a week now, Republicans, including John McCain, his surrogates, and his aides, have been mocking the notion that routine auto maintenance can contribute to fuel efficiency.  Yesterday, at an event in Ohio, Barack Obama struck back.

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A“Below The Fold” bonus Article - by Joshua Holland at

“Corporate America Prepares for Battle Against Worker
Campaign to Roll Back Assault on the Middle Class”

“There is nothing more terrifying to corporate America than the prospect of dealing with its workforce on an even playing field, and, along with allies on the Right, it’s pulling out all the stops to keep that from happening.  At stake is much more than the usual tax breaks, trade deals and relentless deregulation; corporations are gearing up for a fight to preserve a status quo in which the largest share of America’s national income goes to profits and the smallest share to wages since the Great Depression -- in fact, since the government started tracking those figures.”


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