Monday, September 01, 2008

Let’s See. . .

Just Your Current Situation via Reality-Based Information...
by The Old Hippie Because You Keep “Allowing,” And Nothing else.

Read   -  This Is Your “Allowed” Police State At Work, And It’s Within What
      Is Now Their Controlled Democarcy.
  -- By Liliana Segura,
      Their crime?  None whatsoever - Other than planning to protest.  These are
      “nice people,” the neighbor admonished the cops.  “These are good people.”

  -  “Should Uncle Sam Be Helping CEOs Get Richer?”
      The just-released CEO pay report from the Institute for Policy Studies and
      United for a Fair Economy tells two stories.  The 1st will remind Americans
      why they get so angry about CEO pay.  The 2nd will get them even angrier.

I know, I know... It’s Michael Moore - But It’s so well done.  Enjoy...

“An Open Letter to God, From Michael Moore”

“Now, heavenly Father, we all know You have a great sense of humor and impeccable timing.  To send a hurricane on the third anniversary of the Katrina disaster AND right
at the beginning of the Republican Convention was, at first blush, a stroke of divine irony.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

A“Below The Fold” bonus - A “Quote of the Week” from The Crisis Papers...

Quote of the Week

“I have seen, the desperation and disorder of the powerless: how it twists the lives of children on the streets of Jakarta or Nairobi in much the same way as it does the lives of children on Chicago’s South Side, how narrow the path is for them between humiliation and untrammeled fury, how easily they slip into violence and despair.  I know that the response of the powerful to this disorder -- alternating as it does between a dull complacency and, when the disorder spills out of its proscribed confines, a steady, unthinking application of force, of longer prison sentences and more sophisticated military hardware -- is inadequate to the task.  I know that the hardening of lines, the embrace of fundamentalism and tribe, dooms us all.”

Barack Obama
Preface to 2004 Edition, Dreams of My Father.


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Cool blog, Man.

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