Thursday, March 19, 2009

Observing The Obvious...

Activists’ Yelled, “Wake Up!” - But Obviously Not Loud Enough.
by This Old Hippie Because It’s Already Too Late - For Way Too Much Now.

“We Accomplished Everything We Set Out To Do.”  --Dick Cheney

That seems like a lie - Right?  It’s not.

The above linked article is must-read for those that doubt the criminality of the Bush Cheney administration.  Create a war, (Iraq, not those that attacked us,) use it to channel the entire treasury into the hands of the-very-few, strip the nation of it’s laws, to protect their-very-few from all the rest of us citizens, and to also lengthen and enhance the theft itself.  So far, they got away with it all - the money, and the changed laws to protect themselves from us.

It never had anything to do with democracy, or freedom, or revenge, or a “war on terror” at all - - All of “it” was just cover for the theft, and the purposeful construction of the protections of the theft.  I have harped on this theft from the beginning of this blog, as have many others, to no avail, as you allowed it all, even when it became obvious it was nothing but a theft.  A crime - One you have yet to allow yourselves to accept, much less investigate, prosecute. . .  and punish.

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Nothing else at this time - The above linked article - is not trivial.
Like many of today’s articles, the Comments.. are as enlightening as the article itself.

Put... to add salt to the wound...  We now have the-very-few, (e.g. the 73 ‘executives’ at AIG,) continuing the theft here at home, openly, right under your noses, knowing that your “allowing” continues to seem to have no bounds, no breaking point where they’d have to finally face a revolt.

Multiple billions of dollars of “your” taxpayer funds paid to them, without any accounting of where most of those funds went - Here is a little perspective for you...  The $160 million for AIG's bonuses is a tiny fraction of the billions they have already been given, much of which is already “lost” because of the lack of any accountability...  And they are asking for more!

Those $160 million they'll ‘give up’ to help keep you calm, simply to continue the theft, which is being continued as I type these words - They are still being allowed - by you - to carry out the continuation of the theft, even from within this new “opposing party” administration - And still you do not revolt.

Revolting, isn’t it?  (stupid pun fully intended.)


At 3/19/2009 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly revolting - smelly, foul, disgusting and criminal. The linked article was very enlightening, especially written by such a credible source, a multi-published prof at U of M. Not that your article is not right on, it is. Spot on.

And we wonder why the world at large hates us "Ugly Americans."

At 3/27/2009 6:59 PM, Anonymous stacie said...

We are fixin to be really ugly to Pakistan. Looks like we are about to invade a sovereign nation...hmm...sounds like a replay..only the beneficiaries have changed...methods haven't.


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