Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Thought You Knew...

But The Reality Of The “Known” Still Surprises The “Allowers.”
To All You Allowers, Who Rebel Against Rebellion, In The Face Of Destruction... Fuck You.
Counterfactual: Marc Thiessen, The Torture Apologist  (So wrong it had to have been on purpose.)

Globalization Marches On  (The Growing popular outrage has *not* challenged corporate power.)

So Much For A ‘Post-Racial’ America  (Thanks to Newt Gingrich’s loose lips, the cat is out of the bag...)

The Unbearable Lightness Of Reform  (Reform ends up benefiting the corporatists who wrecked it.)

How A 77-Year-Old Visionary Author. . . Frances Fox Piven, Became The Target Of A Far-Ranging Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

by David Horsey

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Cynical?  You Bet ya.  Could anyone sane, today, be any other way?

by Kevin Siers


At 3/29/2010 6:25 PM, Anonymous Mike K said...

As a recently retired veteran, I was, and still am, thoroughly opposed to the use of torture on prisoners of war. When I joined the service in 1988, we had pretty in depth training on the code of conduct, the UCMJ and how we were expected to humanely treat civilians and prisoners of war, alike. I'm not sure what happened (well, yes I do. Right wingers got into power) but all of that got thrown out after 9/11. The bottom line is that I'm disgusted by how we've treated POWs and I'm glad I retired when I did.


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