Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What Does It Mean. . .

When All Destruction Is Caused By Your Allowing, And You Don’t Stop?
Because The “Allowing” Continues To Be “Allowed,” And I Fear That, More Than “Them”.

Now The Truly Unbelievable!  [And You’ll Obviously Allow It... Again.]
Democrats Face A “Pay Cut” From The Wall Street Thieves.
“Blue Gold: World Water Wars”  [Reprised, in case you missed it.]
Too Big To Jail?  [Well, for a nation of ‘cowardly allowers’...  Yes.]
No, He Won’t... End the ‘Global War on Terror’.
“If Only Information Flowed as Freely as Oil”
“America’s Tragic Descent into Empire”

by Adam Zyglis

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A “Below The Fold” Bonus, from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service

You allowed America to become the most incarcerated nation in history, by raw numbers,
and by percentage of population. . .  You allowed it.  Now, aren’t you proud?



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