Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What - In Reality - Is "The Choice" Nov. 2nd?

For The Left, And The Right, Bush did "unite."
His policies have caused both sides to come together, but not with each other, but rather as in circle-the-wagons against each other.  ("United We Stand, Divided We Fall?")

At the least his strategy of divide-and-conquer has energized the American political mind to re-awaken.  Americans are more politically aware than they have been for decades.  There is more acceptance, and/or tolerance, of political discussion/debate within social situations in America, at a level not seen since the mid-'60s through the early '70s. . .

But this political "re-awakening," which isn't complete yet, might be "too little, too late" to stop the ongoing privatization of our government into the hands of the corrupt few.  If Americans allow this insanely-openly Evangelical Christian corrupt/opportunistic corporate administration to be "re-elected" in November. . .  The very fact that it is possible that it could happen, more than any indicator, proves just how close the world is to losing the unique American Democracy, and to the establishment of an out-of-control global corporate "Empire."

But whichever side "wins" the American presidential election, the facts are that there are going to be "resource wars," mainly for the control the dwindling supplies of oil/gas, clean water, food, and land.  There is no political conspiracy in this.  The planet is simply running out of supplies of these resources, and we humans have no choice but to deal with it.

The "how" of "how we deal with it" is the question, not to mention "when" we deal with it.  It is in reality, "the choice" Americans are making in this presidential election.

Isn't it?


At 8/31/2004 11:54 AM, Blogger Alan said...

As I see it the choice in this election is between complete corporate control of government (fascism) or some corporate control of government. As far as the worlds resources are concerned until the multinational corporations are controlled which would have to happen with cooperation among many countries I don't see how this election would effect it. For one thing the laws governing corporations in this country need to go back to what they were before the Civil War. All countries would have to enact tough laws against corporations and the IMF, WTO, etc. would have to be drastically changed. I don't see Kerry doing this. On the other hand Kucinich might have. As I see it the resource wars and trade in human labor (new form of slave trade) to the lowest common denominator will continue no matter who wins.


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