Friday, October 01, 2004

Another Kind of Says It All. . .

CNN Pundits and Viewers Poll

CNN Poll

Viewer's poll results at the networks. . .

CBS: Kerry 90.5%  Bush 8.5%
CNN: Kerry 76.0%  Bush 19.0%
ABC: Kerry 45.0%  Bush 36.0% (Not a "public" poll see link)
FOX - For some reason had no public poll up yet. (?!?)
MSNBC: Kerry 65.0%  Bush 35.0% (Straight "Who Won" public poll)
MSNBC: Polled 8 seperate questions (Link) with "watch video, then vote."
             Kerry averaged 71.5%  Bush averaged 28.5%

One should read both sides of the post-debate debate. . .

This link is for's report by William Rivers Pitt.

This link is for FOX's report by Carl Cameron and J. Jennings Moss.

Or, Better yet - One could actually watch the debate, and then make a more rational decision.
It was telecast on C-Span, but their link to "Watch It" at their web site, is the direct "rtsp://..." - which of course doesn't link correctly. . .

Below is the correct link - You have to "Cut & Paste" it into RealPlayer, then it will play correctly - It is the full debate, without commercials, and without comment.



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