Tuesday, October 26, 2004

One Week To Go. . .

Gilded Theocratic Corporate Empire -or- Constitutional Democracy?
by The Old Hippie, Seeking The Reality-Based Perceptions of Reality

This historic election is about nothing less.  All of the references to, justifications for, allegories, metaphors, similes, and reasonings concerning this current administration's direction toward, and similarity to past histories of nationalistic, fascist, imperial, "gilded robber-baron," and/or radical theocratic corporate empires have been exposed in detail - for all to see, watch, read, understand and absorb - Yet, it seems that at least 1/2 of us Americans actually want this "new" America, or at least seem to - believe - that this obvious theocratic corporate empire would be better than our 228 year old constitutional democracy.

If you believe it is about anything less - You have been living under a rock.

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Purposeful destruction of the Separation of Church and State.

Collisional cooperative corporate state controlled consolidated media.

Obvious purposeful destruction of the financial security of the middle class.

Tax cuts for the $200,000+ citizens - During a war.

Corporate privatization of as much of our government/society as possible.

"Free-Speech Zones"

"Loyalty Oaths" to see public speeches by the president.

Open corporate-favored dismantling of over 50 years of environmental progress.

The complete and total loss of "respect" from even our allies.

A military budget that exceeds the total of all other nations combined.

Clear suppression and demonization of any dissent by the people.

Incredible tax-code-law changes favoring corporations over the nation's needs.

Job security, and poverty levels, at their worst since the Great Depression.

The largest federal deficit in our nation's history.

The only first-world nation without health care for all of its citizens.

Over 45-million without any health care at all.

Families earning less than $100,000/yr. with sub-standard health insurance.

Public schools turned into "drill & test" without any critical-thinking teaching.

A nationalistic and iron-fisted-theocratic one-party ruled government - America.

Private Corporations now control state voter lists and voting machines.

We, the people, have no right to "know" their software.

A war of, not last-resort, not liberation, but a war of aggression and occupation.

A war of historic profits to corrupt corporate "friends," and for no other reason.

Every single "stated justification" for the war proven a lie, a "mistake," whatever.

The sanity of national science reality marginalized by insane Evangelical ideology.

Corporate elite earning more than 500 times what their workers earn.

Real and ongoing attempts to do away with the 8-hour work day.

Real and ongoing attempts to do away with the 40-hour work week.

Real and ongoing attempts to do away with the overtime pay.

American workers work more hours, with less time off, than any other 1st or 2nd world nation.

Corporations that pollute no longer having to pay into the "Superfund" clean up costs.

Military-Industrial corporations being "exempted" from any environmental regulations.

America is the only nation not to support the Kyoto Protocol.

Now only 8% of American workers have union protections from corporate abuses.

The rest now have "Wal-Mart" job benefits, and it is getting worse.

American workers by the thousands, forced to train their replacements, then laid off.

Prescription drugs, that come from the exact same factories, in the exact same containers,
can't be bought from another country, not for "safety," but because it loses profits.

This is the "new" America - It is not the America I want.

Seven days to go people. . .


At 10/26/2004 8:43 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Nice list you put together. Pretty much says it all.


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