Monday, March 07, 2005

Recapping American Reality. . .

Which Is Truly Simplistic Within Its Complexity.
by The Old Hippie Because It's Too In Our Face To Be Ignored, Or Denied

Where to start?  The Dominionists?  The Neo-Cons?  The Corporatists?  It is the coming together, and the opportunistic cross-using of, and by, each of these three groups, that has caused the impossible to happen.  The internal destruction of our Constitutional Democracy.  Not so much a grand conspiracy, but more of a grabbing-on-to fortuitous ideological agendas.  Each of the three groups do have their internal conspiratorial agreements, each of which on its own would not have been successful, but the accidental historical juxtaposition of the three coming together, was unforeseen, and even though our Constitution does give protections from each, our Democracy was not prepared to defend itself from the multifaceted attacks of these type of fringe minority groups coming together to inflict their ideologies upon the majority. . .

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

And it must be emphasized that, even the three together would not have been successful, if not for the complete destruction, corruption, capitulation, and cowardliness, of what use to be "our" trusted news media.  In fact it may not be too strong of a statement to say that this loss of our free-press may be the single strongest factor leading in their successes.

On an almost equal level of the unreasonable-reason for their successes, is the "~47% Factor," which are the ~47% of our electorate that are the insane Evangelical fundamentalists, the born-again, the "bring on the rapture at any costs," the Christian Dominionists, whom actually "believe" that all of the Deist founders were Christians, that the Earth/Universe is less than 10,000 years old, that the Separation of the (Christian) Church and State must be done away with, that "our" president proudly professes to be a member of, as well as members of the Supreme Court, and many members of the Republican House and Senate, not to mention the many lower level bureaucrats, assigned to positions of power and influence, within all levels of "our" government, and corporate media.

The disaster of Nazi Germany was the coming together of only two of these groups, the "Christian" fundamentalists, and the corporatists.  Now we have the added insanity of a small group of convinced, opportunistic, and zealot "Neo-Cons" added to the mix, using the delusions of the lost-again Evangelicals, and the power of the money supplied by the corporatists, to advance a shared ideological agenda of power, profit, and imperial ideology.

In other words, an enhanced form of imperialistic Fascism.  A disastrous, and this time - globally - deadly usurpation of worldwide security.  Arrogantly propagandized as "spreading freedom."

See?  It Is Truly Simplistic Within Its Complexity.


At 3/07/2005 12:20 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Great Summary of the current reality!!!

At 3/12/2005 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It occurs to me that you can’t really offer constructive suggestions when there is no vehicle by which to air them in the United States Congress. You can stand up and run off at the mouth for awhile, but with this Congress it will make very little difference. You can also offer facts and information, but this National argument isn’t really about learning anything new – the goons know full well and good what they are doing, and what the arguments are. You might say we can compromise, but how do you compromise with a war in Iraq, or with a “screw the little guy to death” philosophy that is interested only in advancing the cause of the oligarchs? Offer perhaps to not push for a raise in the minimum wage if the other guy will only lower social security benefits by 20% instead of 50%, or maybe will only cut Perkins Grants (for technological education) by 40% instead of the 70% Idiot wants to cut them? You can't compromise with these goons. They’re out for blood and won’t rest until they’ve bled everyone not making $300,000 a year dry. The only time compromise works anyway, is when there is something for both sides to compromise, and the goons don’t at the moment have to compromise anything – they are in total control, and know it! The only choice that might be available, and then only in rare instances, is to get less screwed rather than more. What kind of suggestion is that? I don’t want to get screwed at all (or, at least not like that). Anyway, that is what the goons are hoping you will do, become pacified to the point of becoming inert.

While I admire all the youthful, fanciful, and/or gray bearded and hoary enthusiasm displayed on these pages, and wish we still lived in an America where that sort of thing matters, the fact is that it does not. Alternatives to Idiot’s initiatives will go nowhere. While there is no short-term solution, they may be a long term one, and that is to build an opposition to corporate fascism in the shape of a grass-roots progressive organization that offers to return to the American worker such things as fairness, meaningful opportunity, and justice (wherein some version of some truth holds sway); and with which to challenge the entire corporate structure represented by Idiot, Dick the Consigliere, and the entire Murder of Crows administration that is presently destroying (and sucking the life’s blood from) America. That means you have to talk to your friends, and to your friends’ friends, and to your neighbors and neighborhoods and…and…well, you know the routine. Once you manage to elect someone locally as dogcatcher you move on from there, into the State legislature, and eventually, if by then it isn’t too late, into the National government.

There’s probably not enough time, however. My (yuppie) generation fell asleep at the wheel (of their Porsches and BMWs) years ago, and let things slip, and allowed themselves to be compromised (that’s a euphemism for bought out) to the point where the corporate-fascist oligarchy now holds total sway. So while they’re confirming their move-in dates on the Cote d’Azur, the rest of us poor slobs are going to have to struggle mightily to keep this land from becoming one big plantation with naught but a few straw bosses and an occasional absentee landlord to holler at. About the only real alternative left to us is to bitch like crazy and realize that all civilizations eventually crumble from within, for many of the same reasons that this one is collapsing, fast. So, at least we’ll be in good company.

If you’re young and energetic, or not so old you're immobile, and have humanitarian ideals and want some advice - move. America’s days as a fair and just society are number-ed. Or, more like…gone!


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