Thursday, July 21, 2005

It Is Beyond Me. . .

How/Why We've Allowed The Thieves To Continue To Worsen Our Lives
by The Old Hippie Because This Continued Allowance Is Really Pissing Me Off

It really has gone too far, hasn't it?  And it continues to get even worse, as hard as it is to accept, daily.  We, America, The Pax Americana Empire, have become, in just a few years, just the blink of the political eye, "The Evil Empire."  Buried in, and under the secrecy, lies, manufactured fears,


propaganda, wholesale destruction of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," hidden within a dense web of incredible denial, ignorance, and just plain stupidity, that is making everyones lives, Americans, and the rest of the world's peoples, worse off, and less secure.

I readily admit, the fact that so many Americans, with a straight face, still claim to not see it, is simply beyond me.  One of the consequences I am able to see, is that the truly desperate, the slowly awakening seriously suppressed, more so now than ever before in American history, far out number the "protected."

Every single time this has happened within the many written histories of this planet, without exception, really bad, and violent, things happened.  And in almost every case, most of the thieves, their sycophants and collaborators, scurried into hiding, with their profits secure - and those that had allowed it to continue to the point of "desperation-violently-unleashed," those that remained silent, and silenced, that had hoped they were "safe" with their arrogant denial, almost always went down in the flames of the readjustment.  But not just those cowards lives were destroyed, many more innocent lives got vaporized in the "un-expected violence" of the desperate.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

This "administration's leaders," now obvious to even those still hiding within their denial, are seriously opportunistic lying corporatists thieves of the worse ilk, willing to destroy any semblance of resistance to their "profit taking," power, and their "freedoms," even if it means the destruction of thousands, upon thousands, of lives, and/or the destruction of the American Constitutional Democracy, and the very stability of the planets biosphere.

To use the vernacular - This is really serious shit.  It is not "politics as usual."  It can not be ignored.  It has to be fought, resisted, protested, revolted against.  It has truly gotten so bad, dangerously bad, that we have no choice - Or almost all of us will go down in the flames. . .

". . .the powerful need control. . .  Fortresses, and garrisons, to guard their power.  And soon the guarding is yet another thing to be proud of.  Layers within layers, built to preserve their ages, and their pride from the weak, and the least that might attack from without.  And yet- - It is from within that most nations fall."
-- Yeesha, a character in a game, describing a truism of real history


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