Monday, August 08, 2005

I Mean Seriously. . .

How Can ~1/2 Of America Still Believe They Aren't Murderous Thieves?
by The Old Hippie Because It Is Proven To Be So Un-Denial, But Yet So Many Still Deny

Maybe I'm missing something in the mix, but I find it hard to realize that, still, after all that has been proven, exposed, and openly discussed in the public arena, that nearly half of the nation still believes that this administration cares about them, their lives, their livelihoods, their freedoms, their liberties, their hopes. . .  That they are in the slightest way concerned about anything other than their monetary and imperial profits.

I mean seriously, come on people, these are true murderous lying thieves of the most dangerous ilk, and they are destroying the American Constitutional Democracy right in front of your denying eyes.  Thousands of people around the world, including nearly 2,000 young Americans, have been killed, not to mention the thousands upon thousands of injured, almost all of which were/are innocent of anything, other than being in the way.

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It isn't even like it's "maybe," or "could be."  The cold hard exposed, and proven facts are that they not only allowed, but encouraged, sadistic torture, and murder - of not only adults, but children as young as 8 years old, in their world wide network of military prisons, (that our own Pentagon has publicly stated on the record, that possibly 70%-80% are innocents that were swept up in broad nets of arrests, a fact verified by the Red Cross,) and then re-defined our laws to "legalize" it.

Is it possible that almost half of this nation doesn't know that China is buying 1-billion dollars worth of U. S. Treasury Bonds - a day?  And that almost all of that money, like the entirety of the trillions that was in the U.S. Treasury in 2000, and all of the billions from the tax-cuts, did go into the pockets of the very few, and still is going into their pockets?

The "fact" that impeachment is "debatable" is amazing to me.  Impeachment would be a slap on the wrist to these murderous thieves, because even if this nation actually drags itself out of its denial, and impeaches these scum - They will keep the money - And none of the real players will be put behind bars for all of the deaths and destruction their crimes caused, outside of a few scapegoats, and most will be able to walk comfortably, with unrestrained smirks, into secure "positions of responsibility" within the global corporations that now control most of the governments of the planet.

I guess what amazes me the most - Is the cowardly lack of revolt.


At 8/09/2005 8:15 PM, Blogger gizmojo13 said...

Mike, my name is Tom Sampson, living just outside of Asheville, NC. Sonni somehow managed to find my blog and recommended I take a look at your blog. Seems we have quite a lot in common. I have just "discovered" Nichiren Buddhism and I believe that may be the connection that Sonni found. Anyway, I think we are living in the "Emporor's New Clothes" and some alien is filming this comedy, which will surely win him, her, it a Galaxoscar nomination!

How can so many people be so blind, dumb and/or ignorant? Don't you just want to stand up on a rooftop and scream "Wake up, Sheeple!!!!" I just love the Ben Franklin quote, " Those who would give up freedom for a little security will lose both, and deserve neither."

And that's the conclusion I often come to. If they're so stupid, let them give all their money to the upper 1%, lose all their government programs, and work at McDonald's for the rest of their (shortened) lifetimes. Just let me get the hell out of here! Costa Rica sure looks like it's worth checking out.

I wish I had the time and money to go camp out with Cindy Sheehan's group down in Crawford. I heard her speak here in Asheville not to long ago. She's a driven woman, and Bush is going to open a real Pandora's box if he doesn't address her concerns. Of course, I hope the dumb shit doesn't do anything. This could be the rallying point we need. With over 60% of the people thinking W is a liar, and 50% thinking he's doing a crappy job of handling the war (duh!!) maybe Cindy's efforts can really start something. But here I go again- the eternal optomist.

There is going to be a huge rally in Washington, DC on Sept 24-26.

Well, I guess I'm not sounding much like a buddhist, but I am just starting out, so I've got an excuse.


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