Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bombshells #5. . .

A Select Few Bombshells That Clears Much Of The Manufactured Fog
compiled by The Old Hippie Because I Truly Believe It Might Help Clear The Fog

Your Right   1.  A Declaration Of War - Phyllis Bennis - 8/31/05

  2.  Little White Romance - Anthony Kaufman - 9/1/05

  3.  "Finding" (white) vs "Looting" (black) - Atrios - 8/31/05

  4.  How New Orleans Was Lost - Paul Craig Roberts - 9/1/05

  5.  "Project Copper Green" - Larisa Alexandrovna - 8/29/05

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  6.  Twenty Things We Now Know Four Years After 9/11 Bernard Weiner - 8/30/05

"A general assessment before we begin the numbered list:  There now is a widely-accepted foreign and domestic judgment that the Bush Administration is composed of bumbling, dangerous, close-minded ideologues.  You can see it in the polls (as I write this, Bush has only a 40% approval rating, [now 36% and dropping] amazingly low) and, particularly, in how many conservative/traditional Republicans and former military officers are expressing remorse at having supported this guy in the 2004 election.  Bush these days still has his true-believer base of about 30%, but he's extremely vulnerable politically, which is why Rove and his minions are so desperate right now and are ratcheting up the rhetoric and smear-tactics against their political enemies.  And the desperation helps us understand why Bush keeps returning to 9/11, the one talisman that he thinks still may work for him, that singular moment in his history when many Americans thought he looked good."

  7.  A New Taliban Has Re-Emerged In Afghanistan - Knight Ridder

  8.  The Crisis Papers "Quote of the Week"

"Americans have been betrayed.  Sooner or later, Americans will realize that they have been led to defeat in a pointless war by political leaders who they inattentively trusted.  They have been misinformed by a sycophantic corporate media too mindful of advertising revenues to risk reporting truths branded unpatriotic by the propagandistic slogan, "you are with us or against us." ...

"The new American militarism has abandoned the Founding Fathers, deserted the Constitution, and unrestrained the executive.  War is a first resort.  Militarism is inconsistent with globalism and with American ideals.  It will end in abject failure."

  -- by Paul Craig Roberts, "The New American Militarism"


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