Friday, September 23, 2005

It Keeps Getting Worse. . .

And Americans Keep Allowing It To Continue, Unchecked & Unpunished
by The Old Hippie Because I don't Understand The Continued American Silence

To quote BuzzFlash today. . .  (Concerning this AP news article via Yahoo News.)

"Bush Tears Down the Walls Separating Church and State.  Our Tax Dollars Can be Used to Discriminate in Hiring on the Basis of Religion.  Shameful and UnAmerican Beyond Belief."

Come on people!  What the hell does it take to turn off your silence?!?
[ The following is not conjecture, or opinion, but on the public record - Facts ]

- He has put, "in-your-face," Karl Rove in charge of the Gulf Coast recovery!

- Halliburton, KBR, et al, are "in-your-face," getting no-bid contracts - Again!

- The federal treasury is empty, and the government is right now being supported by loans
   from other nations - One billion dollars a day from China alone!

- Cheney still "in-your-face," receives over $200,000 a year from Halliburton!

- Private corporate mercenaries, highly trained killers, are "patrolling" New Orleans!

- They refuse, "in-your-face," to undo the tax cuts, which only benefits the uber wealthy!

- Instead, they are cutting, "in-your-face," funding of mainly social safety net programs!

[ I could continue to, once again, list off all of the hundreds, (hundreds is not bombastic at all, in the area of environmental regulations alone there have been over 400 roll-backs,) of their open "in-your-face" exposed realities, the proven destructions to our Constitutional Democracy, to our environment, to our security, to our liberties, to so many innocent lives - - - But you already know of them all. . .  Why are you silent?!?  Someone please explain to me - Why?!? ]


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