Friday, October 14, 2005

Lest You've Forgotten. . .

This Now Proven Criminally Corrupt Administration Is Still In Power
by The Old Hippie Because The "Allowing" Is Still Being "Allowed" - Isn't It?

From the lobbyists created energy bill that does more insane damage to our nation environmentally and economically, and which increases the already obscene profits of the oil and coal corporations

even more than any sane rationality can contemplate, to the indicted house majority leader still openly twisting-arms for that bill, to the senate majority leader under investigation being still in power, to the open sneeringly corrupt in-your-face no-bid contracts still going to Halliburton, which is still paying the VP over $200,000/yr., not to mention that the VP is "rumored" be one of the targets, along with his chief-of staff, Libby in the treasonist outing of Ms. Plame, along with the president's own top-man, Rove, to the arrest of Safavian, the head of procurement in the president's office of management and Budget, to the exposed connections between all of them to Abramoff and the mob.

 Your Right
And finally, lest you've forgotten - to the unconscionable bigotry of wealth and class exposed by Katrina and Rita, to the selection of a supreme court judge based on her religion, and the ongoing/never ending exposure of arrogant lies, and justification of torture, the loss of so many innocent lives for the noble cause of greed, not freedom, not democracy, not security, and on and on. . . But yet - With all of this exposed reality, exposed corruption, and exposed destruction. . .
They are still allowed to continue on?!?  Unchecked and unpunished, as they continue to destroy?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

All political damage has been reversible in our history, and even this corrupt administration will lose its power in time - But - This time it is different in one very crucial aspect, the damage to the environment by political action, and non-action.  By this administration's breaking away from all of the international environmental treaties, and their purposeful, and insane, non-action on ending our addiction to oil/gas/coal for energy, and their lying denial of the realities of global warming to protect the profits of the oil/gas/coal corporations, have now put us all into a situation where a lot of the environmental damage is already irreversible.

The melting away of the northern sea ices, and its decreasing albedo, is already irreversible, and the resultant rising temperatures in the north that are melting the permafrost, and bogs containing now bubbling methane gas, is a fact, and now known to be irreversible.  (1998, was the warmest year on record, 2002 next, then 2003, and 2004 4th, with 2005 coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, this year, depending on how Siberia reacts between now and the end of the year)

The political ramifications of this irreversible environmental damage is also going to cause irreversible political "resource wars," and political anarchy, and political chaos planetwide, which in the cases of energy, water, and food has already begun - and the coming die-off is going to be huge. . .  Incomprehensibly and staggeringly huge. . .

Its never too late, at least to mitigate some of the worst damage, but it must start with getting rid of this criminally corrupt American administration as quickly as possible, as their continued "allowed" power to damage further, in the face of the irreversible environmental realities, is now quite frankly, insane.  Even if by some miracle every single corrupt politician worldwide was replaced by sane, rational, knowledgeable persons - The die-off from the already irreversible damage would be staggering.  Every day that we "allow" the corrupt to remain in power is only going to make it, the irreversible damage, and the die-off worse.

Doom & gloom?  You bet.  But it is reality.  The longer you deny it, the more likely you, or your children, or your grandchildren. . . will be one of its victims - If not already. . .


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