Friday, January 27, 2006

This Is America Today, Update #2...

So Many Have Recently Asked... What Have We Become?
by The Old Hippie Because The Absentee Revolt Is so Telling

What Have We Become?  This Is What We Have Become:
[Note that this is an updated reprise of my earlier posting.]

A nation of, by, and for the corporations, not the people.
A nation that allowed three corrupt national elections to go un-corrected.
A nation that is allowing the same corrupt corporate voting machines increasing use to spread.
A nation that is the #1 most polluting nation on the planet.
A nation that allowed over 400 environmental laws/regulations to be "disappeared."
A nation that is the #1 imprisoned nation on the planet - and in history.
A nation that allows and condones the torture of human beings.
A nation that is still allowing a network of secret torture chambers to exist.
A nation that allows Europe to investigate "our" CIA's torture centers, as "our" Congress is allowed to ignore them.
A nation that has officially given up habeas corpus protection.
A nation that is the only 1st-world nation without universal health care.
A nation that is the only 1st-world nation that still executes prisoners.
A nation that has allowed this administration to destroy New Orleans without punishment.
A nation that has allowed proven lies to start a war of choice and profit to go unpunished.
A nation that allows sneering oil CEO's to not have to "swear in" when testifying.
A nation that only days later finds out that they lied through their teeth - does nothing.
A nation that confronted with mountains of evidence of corruption - does nothing.
A nation that continues to allow the likes of Ken Lay to live in luxury, unpunished.
A nation whose majority now admits to the truth of their lies - still hasn't revolted.
A nation that is continuing to allow the funneling of even more power into the corrupted profit-driven executive branch, from the legislative and judicial branches, by their continuing, and so far, successful efforts to change the laws of "our" Constitutional Democracy to do so.  And is about to allow a 2nd pro-Unitary Executive Theory" judge, a member of the Federalist Society and the Concerned Alumni for Princeton, to be seated onto "our" Supreme Court.
A nation that has allowed obvious repressive tax-cuts, and enhanced tax-protections, to the top few percent and corporations, to remain intact, and even possibly extended, or even made permanent, without real protests, or revolt.

A nation that knows that the next elections, (2006 and 2008,) will again be using even more of the same corporately corrupted voting machines that have been proven to have been allowed to corrupt the last three national elections, and so far, nothing "real" has been done to stop another election from being corrupted by them again.
A nation that now knows the NSA was allowed to spy on our citizens, illegally.
A nation that heard the president flagrantly lie about, and then even defend, this illegal spying.
A nation that now "speaks" of impeachment/punishment, but, so far, has done nothing.
A nation that actually thinks the Constitutional Democracy system still works.

A nation so deep in denial of reality that it has become blinded to its own demise.

If you happen to be one of those 35% that currently still approve of this administration, I truly hate you, for the allowed manipulation of your ignorance, and/or for your contribution to the destruction of this nation, a once great nation that could only be destroyed from within, by the sneeringly and arrogantly corrupted manipulation of the fears, ignorance, and stupidity of "citizens" like you. . .

I know I am singing to the choir here - But I had to get it off my chest.

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