Thursday, August 24, 2006

Almost A Month. . .

And Still Little, To Nothing, Has Changed For The Better. . .
by The Old Hippie, Because I Keep Hoping Reality Will Sink-In.

Because of a hardware problem, I was forced to take a short vacation, that extended to almost a month, from my cyber-researches.  In that time I really thought there would be progress, at least some, toward the obviously needed impeachment.  But alas, outside of the obvious message, and implications, of Lieberman's Connecticut loss, little has really changed.  The resource wars for the

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}
 world's remaining oil continues unabated.  The reality of global dimming and global warming continues to be allowed to worsen day by day.  The resource wars for not only oil, but water and food, widen, which are directly effected by the changing weather patterns caused by the global effects of our increasing spewing of pollution.  By "our" I don't just mean Americans, but all of the peoples of the planet.  Even though the Christian Coalition has lost a few chapters recently, the nut-job born-agains still have control of most of the local precincts, and many of our local school boards, and are continuing to be allowed to shove their beliefs onto the rest of us.  And the corporately controlled corrupted voting machines are still being allowed to spread in preparation for the upcoming national elections.  And to add insult to injury, the profiteering thieves still have a 36% approval rating!

The lack of any progressive change, and the continued allowing of the killings and destruction, without any real in-the-streets reaction, is more than mind-numbing, or disheartening, it is disgusting, and beyond ignorant - It is, in fact. . .  dangerously stupid.

My only question is - - -

How much more destruction and death will it take, to stop the allowing?

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Nothing else at this time.


At 8/24/2006 12:19 PM, Blogger Alan said...

There is going to be something happening this september in DC. Go to

To get details.


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