Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It Was All Worth It. . .

A Loud, Undeniable, and Non-Violent, “Revolt” by the American People
by The Old Hippie, Because I really Thought It Couldn't Happen Within Our Damaged Democracy.


I admit that I had almost lost my optimism, and I know “it ain't over yet,” as they still, for now, control the Executive, and most of the Judicial branches, plus they still have corporatist control over 95% of the media.  But this “mandate of the people” is a wonderful, and undeniable, breath of sanity, that renews my optimism.  That renews my hope.  That renews the possibility of the re-establishment of a sane balance of power within our government.  And, hopefully, begins to renew the faith the world once had in our nation as a beacon of hope. . .

There is much that needs to be corrected, and punished - But for a moment - I think I will just smile - smile - smile. . .  and maybe even do a little dance of renewed optimistic hope - But only for a moment - As there are still many innocents being killed “in our name,” right now at this moment, for nothing more than profits to the war-profiteers of this openly unapologetic corporatist “profits over even life” administration.  There is still criminally unnecessary environmental damage being wrought for nothing more than profits to the officers of polluting corporations, damage that in some cases that can no longer be undone.  The number of Americans in poverty has risen for the 4th year in a row, and they don't have a lot of breathing room to celebrate this electoral “win.”  There are an unacceptable number of Americans within the grips of health crisis, that are without any health insurance, or health insurance that's so expensive with co-pays, etc., most can not afford to use it.

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POAC Poster

Also From. . .
CACI, Titan, Bechtel, Aegis Defense Services, Custer Battles, General Dynamics,
Nour USA Ltd., Chevron, ExxonMobil and the Petro-imperialists

[ Learn about them all with this link ]

They not only need to be stopped - They need to be punished.


At 11/09/2006 3:09 AM, Blogger Doyle said...

It is nice to see a possible balance beginning to exert itself in another area of life, now if a balance can be started between the law-biding citizens and the criminals who have taken control the symmetry of nature will begin to be much more appealing. Lets not forget there is a long road ahead of this country but it is awesome to see the possible first step towards a better nation, and that it appears some of the citizens are starting to pay attention and speak up, take a stand, and hopefully start holding accountable all those corporate criminals who have choosen to try and silence all those that don't hold with their ideas, thoughts and opinions.


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