Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reality Observed. . .

Some Have The Ability To “Put It All Together” - Here Are Just A Few
by The Old Hippie Because “They” Are In Power Until 1/07, And “He” Is In Power Until 1/09.

[-All links updated September 19, 2008-]

  -  “The Great Wealth Transfer” - What IT was about all along.

  -  “75% of All, and 55% of Republicans” - View IT with alarm.

  -  Using IT Against Them? - A fraudulently financed war.

  -  “Government Of, By and For the Corrupt” - Our IT today.

  -  Bush Admin Clamps Down on Scientists - Protecting IT, not us.

  -  “Live At Your Own Risk” - Are you a “yoyo,” or a “witt?”
 Your Right

  -  “U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The Right Wing's Right Hand in D.C.” - IT's friend.

  -  Where Is The Money? - The reality of, and the results of, the IT.  (Follows the IT monies.)

  -  How IT Effects Our Health Care - How the IT is protecting them, not us.

[ Do you get IT now?  Either way, you may want to see the following video. . . ]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

“The Best War Ever”
(The major profiteering factor of the IT, and a great fogger of the ITs reality.)

[ A Typical YouTube Video - You Know What To Do - ]
[ via by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton. ]

“...and the people who sold us this war are still in power, and trying to sell us an expansion into Iran, and into Syria.”


At 12/16/2006 4:52 PM, Blogger Batocchio said...

Old Hippy, thanks, this is a great round-up,I've been trying to find good articles such as Krugman's on this subject!

At 5/02/2007 6:09 AM, Blogger citizenbfk said...

I think we have to destroy the warmongering Republican party as much as possible. The impeachment of Cheney would be a nice next step, so I support the Kucinich Articles of Impeachment.

I'd like to see a bunch of Republican governors recalled; people in those states where it is possilbe could start that in a day.


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