Friday, December 01, 2006

Olbermann Nails It Again. . .

Keith Olbermann Speaks With Sincere Passion, Not Blind Sycophancy

Keith Olbermann, Who Only Speaks a “Special Comment” When His Anger is Sincerely Undeniable.  Unlike the Opportunistically Manufactured Comments by Sycophants, Every Night, Regurgitating on Their Shows the Ruling Party's Talking Points, Without Any Real Sincerity, With Proven Sociopathic Disregard of Our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

I too was offended by Newt Gingrich's remarks, and had planned to write my outrage here, but Keith Olbermann's passionate “Special Comment” Thursday night was a much more rational, and definitely a more eloquent, expression of my, and I assume many others, deep-gut reaction to the [paraphrased] “take away as much freedom and liberty as possible, with as many technological methods as possible, to save American values?!?”

The videos, (Windows Media & Quicktime,) are at Crooks and Liars, along with the transcript -

- Click Here for the Direct Link to the Video and Transcript -

Do yourself a favor, click on the link, and watch/listen to Mr. Olbermann's “Special Comment,” then maybe share it with others that might have missed it.

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Just go watch/listen to the video of Mr. Olbermann's “Special Comment.”  It is definitely worth the few minutes needed to watch the full segment.


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