Friday, January 19, 2007

“For The Republic”

An Op-Ed In The Nation Magazine That We All Should Absorb.
by The Editors Of The Nation Magazine, From Their February 5, 2007 issue.

“World opinion is against it.  The American people are against it.  The Democratic Party is against it.  The Congress of the United States is against it.  The Iraq Study Group is against it.  The Iraqi people are against it.  The Iraqi government is against it.  Many Republican lawmakers are against it.  The top brass are against it.  But George W. Bush is going to do it: send 21,500 more troops into Iraq.  Can a single man force a nation to fight a war it does not want to fight, expand a war it does not want to expand--possibly to other countries?  If he can, is that nation any longer a democracy in any meaningful sense?  Is its government any longer a constitutional republic?  If not, how can democratic rule and the republican form of government be restored?  These are the unwelcome questions that President Bush's decision has forced on the country.”

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

Here is the direct link to the original.  Please go read it.  Then maybe even re-read it.  This man, George W. Bush, his family, their friends, and the corporations they profit from, have successfully pulled off the greatest theft of a nation's wealth, and the transfer of a nation's wealth, ever allowed in the written history of this planet.  They also need to keep the war(s?) going, as long as possible, for no other noble reason than to keep the profits flowing into their familiess' coffers, as long as possible.  As long as, we the citizens of this nation, continue to allow them to strip our wealth into their private pockets, our collective lives, freedoms, liberties, and even our environment will continue to decrease, and degrade.  Is there really any other way to look at what they have done, and are in fact still being allowed to do?  Is this our nation, or theirs?

Add in the corporatists' opportunistic use of, and their political manipulation of, the insane Rapturists, and the radical Dominionists, which has quite possibly brought about the destruction of America's cherished Separation of Church and State, and you have the reality of the classic definition of a fascist state, except in these modern times it has been enhanced into something that, maybe, has grown beyond the control of even the corrupt corporatist profiteers themselves.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

But what I fear most. . . is the fact that nothing “real” has been done, or is being done, so far, to stop this sneeringly open, and criminal, theft and insanity.  The human deaths continue to mount, the environmental destruction continues to worsen, the security of freedoms and liberties continue to deteriorate, not only here in America, also worldwide. . .  And yet - Nothing “real” has been, or is currently being done to stop the “allowing.”

There are a few bright spots of hope, where the peoples of some of the South and Central American nations, e.g. Brazil, Venezuela, et al, are actually forcing their nations to “just say no” to the corporatists, but since the corporatists are vehemently against them, therefore “America” is against them, their battle is not yet won, and may ultimately fail.


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