Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Reality Observed. . .

Some Have The Ability To “Put It All Together” - Here Are But A Few...
by The Old Hippie Because It Is Getting Worse By The Hour, And The “Allowing” Continues.

  -  White House Admits George Bush Never Watched Gonzales’
     Testimony... That He Claimed “Increased My Confidence”

  -  The “Secrets” of the Christian Right’s Recruiting Tactics
     A look at their cult-like recruiting tactics, including “love bombing”

  -  “Fevered Pitch: What Advertising Has In Store For Us All”
     “No, it’s not just your imagination. The number of ads and marketing
     messages that you encounter in any given day is actually increasing,
     and growing at a rate that has surprised even the most cynical of us.
 Your Right

  -  “National GOP Multimedia Web Page Is ... Fox News Video Clips” - Which Proves...

  -  “Republican Propaganda Is Not News” - It is “Foxy” Treasonous Purposeful Lying.

  -  “The Would-Be Dictator:  How We Got to This Awful Place” - NOW do you get it?

  -  “Symbionts And Parasites” - (Note:  You are still “allowing” the parasites to rule.)
      Heretofore, as our commonwealth moved dangerously from a regime of mutual advantage
      (symbiosis) toward a parasitism of wealth and privilege, these abuses were “pushed back”
      by the checks and balances of our tri-partite government, by the law and the courts, by a
      free and diverse press, and by the ballot box.

     No more.  The oligarchs now control it all.

[ Bill Moyers Rips MSM Complicity on “Real Time”... Below The Fold. . . ]

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