Friday, July 06, 2007

Just Keep Doing Nothing. . .

And You Are Still Doing Absolutely Nothig About It.
by The Old Hippie Because The “Allowing” Is Still Being Allowed - Now Isn't It.

The “allowing” just continues - The FTC just went aginst the American majority and abandoned “Net Neutrality” to favore corporate interest over public intrest, and you are again allowing it - FOX just equated Universal Healthcare with supplying Al-qaeda with a recruiting tool, and you once again allowed it.  Rupert Murdoch has succeeded in buying Dow Jones, and therefore The Wall Street Journal, and once again you allowed it.  And you will do nothing.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

We are killing 300+ Iraqis every single day, over 10,000 every month, and you just keep allowing it.  They set Libby free, in a move that only a dictator or mob boss would envy, and you simply allowed them to do it.  Christian Reconstructionists, and their very powerful friends, are slowly succeeding in their take-over of dominion in America, and you will continue to do absolutely nothing to stop them.  Global warming, US's prison population, wealth gap and wealth transfer, privatization of national assesets, military-corporations having full control of “our” foreign policy, and allowing them that control, that power, for their own self greed, not our security - You just keep allowing it all - over and over again - Doing absolutely nothing real to stop them.  Don't you?

You have allowed them to make us an incorporated nation of corporate-supporters/collaborators, and “allowers,” to the point of planet wide destruction.  And due to your “denial of the allowing,” my America remains almost completely blind to our own self-destruction.  There's always hope - Until reality is “allowed” to smack you in face, and says not anymore. . .  Meanwhile the 1%'ers are still sneering at your denied “allowing” all the way to their banks in their protected enclaves. . .  When the destruction reaches you, and you need a place to hide from it, do you think they will “allow” you in?

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