Monday, June 18, 2007

For Those That Don't Believe -

So - You Don't Believe?  Are You “Lost” or Just Nuts?
by The Old Hippie Because The Christianist Reconstructionists Are Dangerously Determined.

  - “The Wall of Separation” - A PBS Special?

  - “Rise of the New Atheists” - Fed up with being ignored, insulted, etc.?

  - From Mainstream Baptist:  Know Your Christianists

  - “Dobson's Dilemma” - Or has Dobson, missed his moment?

  - From Talk To Action:  Separation of Church and State 101

  - “Religion, Politics and the End of the World” - Harris & Hedges debate - Full video/audio

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Stephanie McMillan - Minimum Security

“Imagine if everything the Religious Right believes about the End Times is true, except the Rapture doesn't take them and the antichrist turns out to be their favorite politician . . .”

That's the story of The Event, a book by Mick LaSalle which will be serialized on the above
linked web site, one Episode per week, over the next few months.  [ Now on Chapter 19 ]


At 9/27/2009 5:15 PM, Blogger Carol said...

To the old hippie,

You don't have to believe in anything, just be honest with yourself and discover what rings true for you. Don't be so angry with others for their right wing beliefs that you don't take the time to go within and find what resonates with you.

I used to be angry with Christians because I was also brought up that way, but then when I discovered what felt really right for me I stopped being angry and began to feel within me that they are just different from me and they have as much right to be here as I do. Now they don't bother me and I don't bother them and I don't run into them either. But, I do live in Canada and that does make a difference. I don't know how I would handle living in the U.S. It would be a great test for my power of tolerance. So, all power to you my brother. Tolerate with love.

Love and peace,


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