Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where Do You Stand?

Since You're Still Allowing The Allowing, Maybe It's Obvious.
by The Old Hippie Because So Far, You've Done Nothing Real To Stop Them.

After each purposeful rip of the Constitution, after each exposed lie about the previous lie, after each day's group of your children were killed to fill their profits, after each revelation of their cronies takeover and abuse of your federal regulatory agencies purposes were clearly shown to you, after each realized environmental destruction was proven to serve only their profits, after they openly, arrogantly, knowingly, sneered at you - You still, to this moment, still allow them your children, your money, your fear, your freedoms, your security, and your continued allowing.

My outrage fatigue is less towards the thieves, and more towards your continued allowing.

“Citizens?”  Do you still believe you deserve that honorific?  Opportunistic sociopathic thieves have openly taken over, and are in control of, “your” government.  Therefore, they have control over your environment, your money, your future, your children's future, your liberties and freedoms, your entire way of life - They have that control now.  Not possibly, not coming, not could have.  -- They have it now --
Please, tell me, what have you done to wipe the open, arrogant, knowing sneers off their faces?  Something that would allow you the honor of “citizen” maybe?  Anything?  Outside of your children, their futures, your environment, your wealth, your freedoms...  What have you sacrificed for your nation to qualify you as “citizen?”
 Your Right

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Here are a few light-hearted Cartoons to brighten your day...

Sandy Huffaker

Ann Telnaes

David Horsey

Kirk Anderson

Bruce Plante

Jeff Danziger

Sandy Huffaker


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