Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Reality Check. . .

Even I Didn’t Realize How Close Our Economic Collapse Is...
by The Old Hippie Because You Keep Allowing The “Impossible” To Get Even Worse.


Chomsky on the Rise of the South an interview by Michael Shank at Foreign Policy In Focus - “Noam Chomsky is a noted linguist, author, and foreign policy expert.  On January 15, Michael Shank interviewed him on the latest developments in U.S. policy toward regional challenges to U.S. power.  In the second part of this two-part interview, Chomsky also discussed the Bank of the South, nationalization of resources, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.”  [ link to the original here. ]

Every time I read, listen, or watch Chomsky, I realize I’ve witnessed a knowledgeable reality-based perspective that I didn't have before, even though I do consider myself well informed on our nation’s foreign policy.

I actively research the internet every day for the current socio-political happenings worldwide, as much for myself, as for my web site’s and blog’s content...  But Chomsky never fails to inform me of perspective I simply had failed to put together, just as you may not have either.

This interview is well worth anyone’s time, I only hope it helps you as much as it did me.

Knowledge is power, but sometimes... it’s just scary. . .  When the collapse does come, it will seem to be “instant,” but it began long before the Clinton Administration signed NAFTA/GATT...  After you read the interview, you might want to check this out, “Can't Say We Weren't Warned.”
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- Quote of the Week from The Crisis Papers site. -

“At some point, the congressional Democrats may have to face up to the hard choice before them: either put impeachment of Bush and Cheney back ‘on the table’ or accept that the United States has ceased being a constitutional Republic governed by the principle that no man is above the law.”

  -- Robert Parry

[ Also - for a further perspective...  Not only did you “allow” him to say it...
you then “allowed” him to get away with it. . .  and you then...
(to add even further injury to his insult...)  “allowed” him to prove it. ]

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,
It's just a goddamned piece of paper!”

George W. Bush


At 2/12/2008 12:47 PM, Blogger trog69 said...

Good morning, Mr. Standefer.

I followed you here from Alternet's Chomsky interview. Before I comment on that, I used to live on Stock Island during the early '70s, as a HS junior, and I sure miss those days and the Keys. Living in Tucson, I doubt I could properly get across to my neighbor what it feels like to have a jellyfish thrown in your face, stinging the whole thing at once, and having your 2 buddies laugh their asses off about it; Or ditching school and hiding out inside a mangrove all day; Or freezing your butt off in 60 degree weather. My mother lived on Stock Island 'til the end. I asked her once if she missed Chicago or her childhood home of W.Virginia. She replied that mebbe Viginny a lily bit, but as far as Chicago, "Honey, Miami's too far north for me!" What's the ecological situation in re: coral reefs? I've heard way too scary of tales about coral elsewhere; I dread the news there where you are.

Chomsky is 'the man'! I particularly liked his "9/11 conspiracy" rejoinder, stating that these guys can't even keep their own conspiracies secret; How the hell were they able to pull something like that off? He did say, and again I agree, that the investigation commissioned did a deplorable, dispicable job of it.

Is there a lefty progressive anywhere who isn't rooting for the S. American population? I don't remember the name of the Canadian/N. American Business Organization, but they don't exactly look like a human rights advocation alliance, I know that much. Hopefully the S.Amer. populace will corral enough power to keep that 'alliance' from connecting to them.


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