Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reality Observed. . .

Some Have The Ability To See The Actual Reality - Here Are But A Few...
by The Old Hippie Because it is Getting Worse by the Hour, and You Still Don't Impeach.

  -  “US Military Breaks Ranks, Part 1”
      Why isn't this reported in our media?

  -  “Zeitgeist - The Movie”
      Not seen it yet?  → It is the best “Reality Check” found so far ←  

  -  The “Middle Class Job Protection Act”
      It slashes the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%.  WTF?!?

  -  “Lou Dobbs: E-Machines Threatening Democracy”
      “Our” MSM is finally reporting it?  The reality-based blogosphere,
      has been screaming about it... since the 2000 selection election!
 Your Right

Bush Actually Did Say It...  (And You Pretty Much “Allowed” Him To Prove It.)

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face.

It's just a goddamn piece of paper!”

George W. Bush

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A“Below The Fold” bonus - Two related articles...

The 1st from those-two-guys at “The Crisis Papers” website. . .

The Great American Election Charade.

“The United States is one of the few two-party nations in which one party gets to choose both its own candidate, and also the candidate of the “opposing” party.  Well, OK, I exaggerate.  But it’s not much of a stretch to say that the GOP, with the help of its wholly-owned subsidiary, the mainstream media, has routinely exercised veto power over the Democratic Party’s potentially strong opponents: - - -”

And the 2nd for those that still haven’t bothered to link to it. . .

“Board to Death”

Have you already forgotten that 118 members of the boards of directors of the, (now just,) 6 corporations that control “our” mainstream media, are also members of the boards of the military industrial complex corporations, the extractive energy corporations, the HMO/pharmaceutical corporations, the ag-chem corporations, et al...?!?  As was reported by Project Censored just this past year...

Here’s a reminder...  “...researchers at California’s Sonoma State University took a close look at the resumes of the 118 people who sit on the boards of directors of America’s ten largest media organizations.  The research team is part of the Project Censored, which for nearly three decades has been exposing journalistic self-censorship — “the news that didn’t make the News.”  They determined that the group of 118 board members in turn sit on the boards of 288 other major corporations.  They also discovered that eight out of the ten media behemoths share common memberships in each other’s boardrooms.”


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