Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Personal Rant About An Email

Thoughts on a received e-mail.
by Doyle Watson, a contributor to this blog.

Everywhere you look you see where a person’s integrity and honesty is questioned, and the education system is not properly educating, businesses care more about how to turn a fast buck instead of producing a quality product which would last over a longer period of time, and would produce income over that period of time providing more job security and better pay for the more productive employees.  Today our government is run just like any other corporation where the CEO wants only to profit, and to heck with everyone else, and treating their employees as a disposable commodity to be thrown away when their apparent usefulness is no more.

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I don’t usually forward that many e-mails sent with the exception of the occasional good joke, but one I just received is one which I found provides a valid and important message one must always consider, and that is the path of destruction our Government has placed us on.

“There is no easy solution as the Government as a whole appears to be corrupted throughout, but all should not be discouraged.  During the next election one must instill fear of the people into the politicians, by doing a little research, asking the candidates hard questions, and then vote based on a more informed choice.  If you are unable to accomplish the given research, then as a safe bet vote against the incumbent.  As most citizens appear to be unhappy right now with the direction the Government is taking, so why keep the same idiots in Office?

One must always question the politician in an attempt to discover dishonesty?  One may ask, how?  The main way is by listening to the answer given, and pay attention to their actions and the way they answer everyone else's questions.  One must also look to the politicians past, though people can change, it is my opinion that politicians do not.

All must remember that the Government is not there to take care of them or support them.  They are there to protect United States citizens from all enemies, foreign or domestic, which should include businesses and corporations.  Look at the answers the petroleum executives provided to Congress when asked about the fuel prices continuing to rise even though they were experiencing record profits.  They stated it was because they needed to collect as much money as possible so they could have a buffer during the bad times, this I expect is a cover for another agenda.  They made mention that they were unable to drill in 85% of US coast-lines.  They appear to be trying to extort the Government by continually raising fuel prices, which in turns angers the citizenry, so they can drill and destroy those natural habitats in the interest of profits.  This is even more interesting as a lot of oil drilled in the US is exported to other nations.

Instead of providing all these tax breaks and allowing these petroleum companies to continue to destroy our environment, why don’t they remove all the tax breaks and begin to increase tax breaks for those who further alternative energy ideas and concepts, and start truly and intelligently protecting our environment.  Again the short term profits are outweighing the long term ramifications to people’s health, and the health of our planet, and would continue to allow our existence.

I am surprise that with the power wielded by large corporations that the government didn’t just openly give them the ok to drill in those areas on the spot so they could gain more money to their re-election coffers.  I am sure money is passing hands as you read this.”


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