Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Keep The Money Rolling In!

Just So You Can Keep “Things” In A Reality-Based Perspective...
by The Old Hippie Because You Still Aren’t Stopping Them, Still “Allowing.”


“Everything His President Wants to Hear”
“General Betray Us?  Of course he has. can hardly be expected to recycle its slogan from last September, when Gen. David Petraeus testified in support of escalating the U.S. war in Iraq, given the hysterical denunciations that worthy group received at the time.  But it was right then—as it would be to repeat the charge now.”

-- By Robert Scheer —

You are going to “allow” them openly to lie to you - again.  You will - again - do nothing to stop the theft and transfer of our nation’s wealth into the hands of their very few.

Over 50% of the “troops” in Iraq are for-profit private corporate mercenaries, unregulated, and not under the control of our military commanders, nor its system of regulatory justice.  But they are only mentioned in less than 1/4 of 1% of the corporate MSM, that shares a majority of its board members with the corrupt war-profiteering corporations, et al.

Keep the money rolling in, for us - “Stay the course” - of course.  Oh yeah, and give us another $100 billion of your tax monies to make our own.  Al Qaeda in Iraq and Iran is “the” real threat! (Not the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that now is stronger there than it was 7 years ago, because we went after the money and oil in Iraq, instead of those that actually attacked you.  We can't allow them to be captured, that would stop “our” money train!)

If you’ve gotten this far, then read the following perspective article, then ask yourself...
Why did I not see this reported in the MSM?  Then ask yourself...
Why would the MSM not want you to understand it, much less know about it?

“Is David Petraeus Dirty?  Ted Westhusing Said So, and Then He Shot Himself”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

[ Also - for a further perspective...  Not only did you “allow” him to say it...
you then “allowed” him to get away with saying it. . .  and you then...
(to add even further injury to his insult...)  “allowed” him to prove it. ]

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,
It's just a goddamned piece of paper!”

George W. Bush

[For those who doubt he actually said it - Here is the quote’s verification link.]

Not to mention your “allowing” of, (and the getting away with of,) his help in the destruction of the Separation of Church and State, the creation of “Free-Speech Zones,” the illegal invasion of another nation that was of no threat to us or their neighbors, had not attacked us, and had nothing to do with those that had actually attacked us, the doing away with Habeas Corpus protections, the “legalization” of torture, the unconscionable protection of corporate profits over all other concerns, including life itself. . .


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