Sunday, July 06, 2008

Okay. . .

So Now Even Most of the Die-Hard Denialists Realize They Were Lied to

by their “trusted” leaders within this criminal administration about the very real, and now smacking-them-in-the-face, dangers of global warming - Now my only question is - Will they accept that their “trusted” leaders have lied about pretty much everything else of any reality-based importance within their lives?
by The Old Hippie Because I Simply Don’t Comprehend the Lack of Revolt.

The southwest of this nation is returning to its more normal dry state, but within the terms of a human induced, and increasing, global warming, resulting in simply not enough water for everyone that lives within that part of the country now, and it is quickly going to get far worse.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

By “quickly” I don't mean decades, I mean within this coming decade.  And the main reason we are all in this mess is because of the purposeful lies of the corporatists liars, (and their criminal politicization of any environmental science that interfered with their flow of profits to their-very-few,) and the allowing and/or denial and/or sycophancy and/or collaboration of those lies-for-profits by mainly the ignorance and/or apathy and/or denial and/or out-right stupidity and/or collaboration/sycophancy of, and by, the citizens of this nation, et al.  We are already within wars for oil, the other resource wars, water and food, are soon to be realized.  Some of which have already begun within parts of our nation, (our southwest,) and other nations, (China, and several nations that rely on the fast disappearing glaciers for water.)

Just how revolting does it have to get, before the citizens of my nation revolt against these criminals?  I am 61 in August, I have a feeling I'll go to my grave still wondering when...
[ Enjoy the following two videos. ]

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A “Below The Fold” bonus - A related “What Will You Do?” video. -


At 7/16/2008 4:39 PM, Blogger Rain said...

That was a powerful news clip. Our media tells us so little. I will post it with a link back to you on my own blog.


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