Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Oceans of “Life”...

- Over 150 Dead Zones, and a Plastic Dump Twice the size of Texas -

We are allowing our oceans to be killed - Made Lifeless - For no perceivable reason than the profits to the very-very-few, and for no other proven factor.  As hard as it is to conceive of the allowing of such a crime, it is our collective reality today - Right now - And you are allowing it to continue - Why?!?  Fear?  Apathy?  Ignorance?  Or stupidity?

by The Old Hippie Because I Simply Don’t Comprehend the continued allowing.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

Not only is that plastic “garbage island” in the Pacific twice the size of the state of Texas, in places it is up to 350 feet deep.  Just plastic.  Outside of the very tiny amount that has been burned, all of the plastic ever created... Still exist.  And you are allowing it to continue to increase, even helping to make it worse... for yourself, and us all.

Just how revolting does it have to get, before the citizens of my nation revolt against these criminals?  I am 61 in August, I have a feeling I'll go to my grave still wondering when...

Note: There’s more than one garbage vortex island.

[ Following links are a good start in “knowing.” ]

Plastic Ocean --- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch --- Ocean Dead Zones

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A “Below The Fold” bonus - A related “The Plastic Vortex” video. [4:16]
[ Note: Related story doesn't appear until 1:10 into the video.  Excellent image of vortexes. ]


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