Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beating That Dead Horse...

The Complex Simplicity of the Simplistic Complexity...
by The Old Hippie Because You Keep “Allowing,” Hasn’t Sunk In Yet.

Read The Federal Reserve, is not federal, nor has any reserves.
It is a private corporation, and controls the money, all of it, in this nation.
Free Speech Zones, mean you do not have free speech by definition.
They are not incompetent, nor stupid, they do know what they are doing.
Absolutely nothing matters to them, other than that they control the wealth.
You, and I, and the rest of the lower 99.?% of us, are not them.
50% of all populations, (e.g. America,) have below average IQs.
The myth of Christ proved to be very powerful, and very-very profitable.
Our media, in reality, is owned and controlled by just five corporations.
Whose majority of Boards of Directors are all share by the same people.
Those shared directors are also shared with the extractive energy, pharmaceutical, HMO,
ag-chem, and the military-industrial-complex corporations.
All of which are experiencing record profits, as the cost of everything you need climbs.
This nation’s military budget is 54% of our total budget.
And that 54% of our budget is greater than the combined military budgets of all the other nations.
As of the most recent figures, .001% now control 1/5 of the planet’s total wealth.
None of them care about you, nor your family, nor your friends.
Nor do they care about your job, or your health, or your environment, or your future.
You are not one of them.  You are not their friend.

But yet. . .

You keep allowing yourself to react to their manipulations of your needs, as if you are.

Ask yourself - What have you done to prove that wrong?  “Revolting,” isn’t it?

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A“Below The Fold” bonus -related- (and reprised,) article...

Why An Economy for All?

[ emphasis are mine, not the author’s ]

“Conservatives call it the “greatest story never told,” an economy in which jobs are up, profits are up, stock prices are healthy, productivity is increasing, and inflation is low.  In reality, today’s economy is more reminiscent of the Gilded Age.  A few people at the top are profiting handsomely, but the myth of a booming economy does not reflect the everyday experience of working class Americans.  In fact, most Americans think we are either in or near a recession.

A majority of Americans struggle with stagnant wages and rising costs of living.  They see good jobs getting shipped abroad while companies use global competition as a bludgeon to exact cuts in health care, pensions and other benefits for the jobs that are here.  For the first time, parents worry that their children won’t be better off than the generation before them.  As the housing bubble bursts and millions of Americans face foreclosure on their homes, Americans’ economic situation is only going to get worse.”


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Groovy blog indeeed! I'll be back!

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