Monday, September 08, 2008

But... But...

Mythical Reality In What Remains Of Our Constitutional Democracy.
by The Old Hippie Because the Ongoing “Allowed” Destruction is Not a Myth.

{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

761 American military bases around the planet - That many “foreign bases is a remarkable example of imperial overstretch - even more so considering that official military reports understate the actual size of the US footprint.  (The official figures omit espionage bases, those located in war zones, including Iraq and Afghanistan, and miscellaneous facilities in places considered too sensitive to discuss or which the Pentagon for its own reasons chooses to exclude—e.g. in Israel, Kosovo, or Jordan.)”

Total U.S. Budget = $2.650 trillion, (1.449 trillion [54%] is for the military, 1.210 trillion [46%] for everything else.)  “Our” military budget is greater than all of the other nations’ budgets... combined. [source link]

This administration has borrowed more money from foreign nations, than all of the other previous administrations... combined.

Our national debt is now well over $9 trillion, and climbing, and it is now the highest it has ever been... in our entire 232 year history.

We have imprisoned more of our own citizens, in raw numbers, and in percentage of population... than any other nation in the entire written history of this planet.

We are the only 1st or 2nd world nation without universal healthcare.

We are the only 1st or 2nd world nation without habeas corpus protection.

“Can't Say We Weren’t Warned”

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A “Below The Fold” Bonus - The 6/20/08 “Inside USA” interview with Noam Chomsky.




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