Thursday, October 30, 2008

Observed Reality. . .

America Has More Below Average ‘Proudly’ Bigoted, Stupefied, And Arrogantly Ignorant, “Whack-Jobs” Than Most Nations Per Capita.
by The Old Hippie Because They Are Right Now, At This Historical Moment, Openly Crawling Out From Under Their Rocks, Purposefully Encouraged By Palin’s/McCain’s Desperate, And Obvious, Sick Hope That One Of Their (The-Race-War-Is-Coming!) Whack-Jobs... Will Kill Obama.

Of course, once it happens, they both will be appalled, and condemn the murderer... that, (obvious to everyone, even to some of their own GOP members who are already condemning them for this dangerous political tactic,) they have purposefully created.  But I predict, (if it happens,) that this nation’s ‘citizens,’ (even if the brave-whack-job-patriot murderer is caught, and prosecuted,) will, some how, once again, “allow” the real murders, who we all know, the ones who manipulated all the whack-jobs’ proud, “American-Bold,” bigoted, and stupefied ignorance... to go unpunished.

Kennedy - King - Kennedy - Possibly even Wellstone ...

Think - long and hard -

This past weekend “our” nation, once again, illegally invaded another nation, Syria.  Whether ‘they deserved it,’ or not, is completely immaterial to the fact that, once again, the ‘citizens’ of
America have “allowed” another illegal ‘war-of-aggression’ act by this criminal administration.

And I predict that, once again, our ‘citizens’ will, agian, not do a damn thing about it.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Even with all the materializing possibility of the hope of a much more reality-based, and not to mention... sane, Obama/Biden administration, and the dream of a rationally progressive House and Senate...  I feel historically justified in my worried paranoia...

For instance, as reported the past couple of days, all of the billions that went to AIG, and the banks, etc., the ‘bailout’ monies...  It seems that there was no accountability as to where the money was/is spent - Billions of dollars - AIG executives partying at exclusive resorts on the money, proven.

But yet, not a single squeak of protest from the “citizens” it was stolen from - The theft, once again, “allowed” - Unpunished - The theft continues, and they are openly allowed to get away with it...  And you wonder why they can't stop themselves from sneering at you?!?

And do you really think we, who have fought them all these years, aren't really-really pissed off
at your apathetic lack of civic courage, your lack of protest, your lack of revolt, your “allowing?”


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