Sunday, January 04, 2009

Anger Doesn’t Cover it...

The Dems Caving, Reps Admitting Crimes, Allowing Growing...
by The Old Hippie Because It Can't Get More In-Your-Face, I Had Thought.
{-The Way Many Picture Me-}

I honestly don't know what the democrats are doing with this obvious display of ‘reaching across the aisle’ of late, to the proven ‘callous and uncaring’ republicans, whom have proven nothing else matters more than directing as much wealth transfer to their-very-few as possible - Nothing.

Some say that they’re giving them enough rope to hang themselves, but after eight years of that mind set, particularly since 2006's mid-term election... does anyone seriously still buy that rationalization?  I wish that were true, but now that my optimism has been stomped down so many times since Reagan/Bush began the most successful wealth transfer theft in history, and Clinton/Gore signed NAFTA/GATT accelerating corporatists’ control of governmental powers... my cynical-reality-sucks self won't let me be that naive now.

I'm no one special; not a reporter, I do not have a staff of writers, fact-checkers, etc. - I just have the internet/web as source.  I spend hours every day reading, watching, listening to everything political I can, and then spew out what I’ve found here.  I don't make money from this - There are no ads, even when they offered outrageous returns, (that alone makes me a ‘loser’ in the eyes of most republicans.)  I don't post in this blog for other’s benefit, even though I know that in some small way it helps spread the word of observed truth.

There was a time last year when I actively sought links from other sites, and would leave comments at others sites, and I suddenly was getting thousands of hits a day...  But I lost my original focus of this blog for myself, the “# of hits” became more important to me than I realized, and I lost that ‘something’ that made my writing a pleasurable outlet for me...  I began writing for others, not myself.

The difference was subtle, but it heavily effected my consistency, it became a chore, not a pleasure.  Then outrage fatigue kicked in, several times - Consistency got worse -- I almost quit.  Needless to say, my hits dropped in direct proportion to my growing inconsistency.

Now?  I'm less naive, more cynical, and more honest to myself - And more consistently posting for my own pleasure again.  Just felt the need to say that to you dear readers, and to myself.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  <  B e l o w  T h e  F o l d  >  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

I'm really tired of redundantly asking, begging, screaming, crying; “What the fuck does it take?!?” to get this nation’s so called ‘citizens’ to stop the “allowing” of the insanely blatantly, and sneering theft ‘of, by, and for’ the-(pathologically sociopathic)-very-few.

That hasn't changed much since this past “historic” presidential election.  The “citizens” spoke - loudly - in that election - But - It is turning out that, as usual for the last 30 or so years, the elected are openly ignoring we who elected them.

All of the thieves, will go to their graves, in luxury, and you, dear citizens, will “allow” them to, without real protest, without real punishment, without revolt.

But you already know that - Right?  You’ve accepted it - Right?

Sort of like you’ve “allowed” yourself to accept that self-destructive escape - Right?


At 1/04/2009 4:41 PM, Blogger Mimi said...

Okay, Michael, quit feeling sorry for yourself. I check your blog every day and I've gotten a lot out of it. Practically everything you write reflects my thoughts and those of plenty of other fed-up Americans. As for the "citizens" who allow the criminals to rule without revolt--sure, it'a been that way for years. But here and there, in this corner and that, in little pockets of Jersey and Montana and Florida, wre're writing and reading and finding each other. Don't give up! Don't give in! We have to keep hammering away against the jerks that (don't) represent us until hell freezes over, if that's what it takes.
You're one of the good ones, kid, so keep going and we'll keep reading.
Best, Mimi


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